Mature students

If you are 21 years old or older on your first day of study at UCL some specific support is available to help you get the most of your time at university.

Mature students may have taken a gap year, or have been away from education for some time with work, family commitments or for personal reasons.  

As a mature student you have access to the same support services as any other student (you can find out more about these services by exploring other pages on this website). We offer a range of support at UCL, but some services that you might find particularly useful are your Personal Tutor or Students' Union UCL.

Personal Tutors

At UCL, every student is provided with a Personal Tutor (or supervisor if you are a research students), who takes an interest in them as an individual and who offers guidance on their overall academic progress and personal and professional development.

When you become a student at UCL you will be allocated a Personal Tutor, who will normally be a member of teaching staff but not necessarily teaching courses on your programme.

If and when needed, the Personal Tutor provides a safety net for the students' physical, mental and emotional welfare. However, the normal tutoring role provides guidance on a more everyday basis, so that the student can independently balance the academic and extracurricular elements of their learning and development.

Find out more about Personal Tutors.

Students' Union UCL

Mature students at UCL are represented in the student union by the Mature and Part-time Students' Officer

Find out more about support for mature students.