Specialist information and support

There is a range of specialist information support at UCL. Find out more about this here.

Students affected by sexual violation

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Find out how to get help if you've been affected by sexual violation.

LGBT+ students

Link to LGBT+ students

UCL has a long history of diversity and ensuring equal opportunities for all, including for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans or another minority sexual orientation.

Mature students

Link to Mature students

If you are 21 years old or older on your first day of study at UCL some specific support is available to help you get the most of your time at university.

Student parents

Link to Student parents

If you're a student and a parent, UCL can provide support and facilities to help you manage your studies alongside family life, including nursery care.

Care leavers

Link to Care leavers

We're committed to supporting young people who have left a care environment and we encourage you to apply to study with us and access the support available.

Estranged students

Link to Estranged students

Not everybody has a supportive family. Studying at university can present extra challenges for estranged students, but additional support is available.

Religion and faith

Link to Religion and faith

UCL is a secular institution but we are committed to providing an inclusive learning and working environment where studentsof all religions, and none, can thrive.

Adviser to women students

Link to Sexual violence and harassment support

If you're a female student, you may prefer to speak to another female member of staff outside of your own department.