Support for drug and alcohol misuse or addiction

There are a number of services and websites that can help you better understand and cope with drug and alcohol addiction or misuse.

Sources of support and advice


Comprehensive guidance and signposting from the NHS on substance misuse.

Visit the NHS page on alcohol support.

Visit the NHS page on drug addiction.

Integrated Camden Alcohol Service (ICAS)

A local NHS service providing medically assisted community detoxification or referral to inpatient detoxification treatment. 

Visit the ICAS website.

South Camden Drug Service

A local NHS service for people who are concerned about their use of drugs. Includes the GRIP clinic for those experiencing problems related to their use of club or party drugs.  

Visit the South Camden Drug Service website. 


Drinkaware is an independent charity working to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK.

Visit the Drinkaware page on alcohol support services.


Honest information about drugs - provides practical advice and signposting to support.

Visit the FRANK website. 


A charity supporting families affected by drugs and alcohol.

Visit the Adfam website.