Keeping in Touch campaign

This September, our Keeping in Touch campaign is back, to support students who need to quarantine.

Periods of quarantine and self-isolation can be challenging, especially if you are new to the UK or even new to university life in general.

With this in mind, Student Support and Wellbeing are bringing back the Keeping in Touch campaign between Monday 6 September and Friday 8 October to support students who need to quarantine before beginning their programme this September.

Our team of student ambassadors will be calling fellow students to provide regular contact and peer-to-peer support throughout your quarantine period.

How the campaign can help you

UCL cares about all of our students and we want to ensure you feel connected and supported throughout your university experience. By opting in to the campaign, you will receive several calls from another student during your quarantine period.

The ambassadors can:

  • Have a friendly and informal chat with you, and check in on how you are feeling
  • Listen to any difficulties you might be experiencing
  • Signpost you to relevant support services, both at UCL and elsewhere
  • Tell you more about the steps to go through as you start or return to your studies
  • Point you in the direction of health and wellbeing resources and information, including for COVID-19
  • Share their experiences and offer some recommendations on how to get involved if you are new

We hope that the calls will help you feel more connected to UCL and ready to start or get back to your studies.

Your questions answered

Below we have put together answers to some of the main questions you might have about the scheme.

How do I request calls?

To request calls from a student ambassador, simply tick the box on Portico when you complete pre-enrolment (new students) or re-enrolment (returning students).

Will you be calling students coming from both Amber list and Red list countries?

Yes, our student ambassadors will be making calls to any students from either list who request this.

Will I receive a call from an ambassador on the same programme as me?

While we cannot guarantee that you will receive a call from an ambassador who is also studying your programme, we will try as much as possible to ensure the ambassador calling you is from the same faculty or even the same department.

We will also try our best to ensure you receive a call from an ambassador of the same nationality and level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate taught, or postgraduate research) wherever this is possible.

What can I talk to the ambassador about?

You are welcome to talk about anything you feel is relevant - many students choose to talk about how they have been feeling, what their concerns are, or any difficulties they have recently experienced. Our ambassadors will ask you a few questions to get the conversation started.

Who are the student ambassadors?

Our student ambassadors are all current UCL students, from a wide range of different backgrounds, nationalities, academic disciplines, ages, and level of studies. Wherever possible, we will try to match you with a student ambassador of a similar profile.

How many calls will I receive?

We hope to be able to call all students who opt in to the campaign 3 or 4 times during their quarantine period.

Will I always receive calls from the same ambassador?

Although we cannot guarantee this, we will try to ensure you have continuity and that you receive calls from just one ambassador.

Can I request calls from a student ambassador from a specific nationality, gender, department or level of study?

Yes, you can request this by emailing ssw-comms@ucl.ac.uk - we will do our best to accommodate all such requests.

Will the calls be recorded?

No, call are not recorded.

Are you checking that I'm completing quarantine?

No, the Keeping in Touch campaign calls are only to provide you with support during your quarantine period.

Will the Keeping in Touch campaign continue after the start of term?

We hope to be able to continue the Keeping in Touch campaign in the longer term.

Can I give feedback about the campaign, an ambassador or a specific call?

Yes, to do so please email ssw-comms@ucl.ac.uk with any comments you may have.

I didn't opt in to the campaign during pre-enrolment / re-enrolment, but I've changed my mind and would now like to receive calls - is this possible?

Yes, simply email ssw-comms@ucl.ac.uk with your name and phone number.

What time of day will you be making calls?

Our student ambassadors will only make calls between 10am and 8pm, UK time.

When is the earliest I can expect a call?

We will start making calls no earlier than Monday 6 September 2021.