Look after yourself

These self-help resources are useful in helping you understand the issues you are dealing with, which is in turn a useful step in dealing with them. They may provide a solution in themselves, they may raise questions you'd like to explore with a therapist, or they may supplement other forms of help you receive.

SSW blog

Weekly articles from staff and students on all things health, studies and wellbeing.

General self-help

Useful online forums, apps and articles for your general wellbeing.

Improve your mindfulness

Online resources for improving your sense of mindfulness.

Improve your sleep

Online resources dealing with sleep and relaxation.

Suicide prevention

Online resources to help you cope with suicidal thoughts.

Manage self-harm

Useful resources for understanding and dealing with self-harm. 

Cope with drug addiction

Online support for those affected by alcohol and drug addiction.

Support for abuse

Online support for those affected by different types of abuse. 

Manage stress and anxiety

Resources for managing stress, anxiety, panic and depression.

Coping with bereavement

Resources for coping with the loss of another.

Online self-help library

Online self-help library covering a wide range of health and wellbeing topics. 

SSW videos

Videos from the Student Support and Wellbeing team.