Quarantine and self-isolation

Students may have to quarantine upon arrival in the UK or self-isolate later if they experience COVID-19 symptoms. UCL have put a number of resources in place to support you through the challenges of quarantine or self-isolation.

Keeping in Touch campaign

A student smiling while talking on the phone

A team of UCL student ambassadors are calling fellow students who need to quarantine during September.

Wellbeing in Quarantine programme

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UCL and Students' Union UCL have organised a programme of wellbeing events to help you look after yourself during quarantine.

Looking after yourself

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Quarantine and self-isolation can be challenging, but it's important to look after yourself.

What to do if you have to self-isolate

A woman reading on a sofa in front of a bookcase

Here we provide instructions on what you should do if you need to go into self-isolation.

Further support

Post-it notes on a wall, reading 'Stay home', 'Be safe', 'Keep your distance', 'Don't go out!', 'Write a letter', 'Read a book', 'Online chat', 'Phone a friend'

If you're quarantining or self-isolating, remember that we're here to help if you need support.