Health care

It's important to look after your health while at university and to make sure that you're registered with a doctor (GP). There are a variety of health care services available close to campus when you need them.

Register with a doctor (GP)

X-ray of a person's hand making the 'OK' sign

Your GP (general practitioner) is your first point of contact for any issues related to your physical and mental health.

Vaccinations and illnesses that require vigilance

A stethoscope

Students are more at risk of certain illnesses than the general population, so it's important that you get the relevant vaccinations.

Ridgmount Practice

Stethoscope with a pen and paper

Find out more about the Ridgmount Practice, UCL's partner GP surgery close to campus.

Health and wellbeing tour

Toy ambulance on a wooden table

View and follow UCL's Health and Wellbeing Tour, a handy introduction to how to use key health and wellbeing services in the Bloomsbury area.

Using health services correctly

healthcare services

With the variety of healthcare services ranging from self care to A&E, it can sometimes be confusing as to which health service you should use.

Sexual health

A pipette being used to put liquid into test tubes

Sexual health services, including testing, treatment and contraception, are free for everyone. Find out more from the NHS and find a sexual health centre.

Dental care

Two toothbrushes in a jar

Dental treatment can sometimes seem complicated. Find out how to access care and how much it costs.

Eye care

Close-up of a person's eye

Read NHS guidance on visiting an optician.