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Health care

It's important to look after your health while at university and to make sure that you're registered with a doctor (GP). There are a variety of health care services available close to campus when you need them.

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COVID-19 vaccinations

All adults in the UK aged 18 or over should be offered their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by 19 July 2021.

To access the vaccine, registration with a GP surgery is encouraged.

Vaccination FAQs 

The NHS has published a comprehensive set of FAQs for university students. These include questions about the following and more:

  • how to get a vaccine if you're not registered with a GP
  • what to do if you're in a different location from where you are registered with a GP
  • what to do if you're an international student who has had the first dose of a vaccine not available in the UK

Access the COVID-19 vaccination FAQs for students in higher education.

Keeping safe on campus

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Keep safe on campus: We're working hard to prevent the spread of infection on campus. Find out how you can help make a difference. 


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Students are more at risk of certain illnesses than the general population, so it's important that you get the relevant vaccinations.

Register with a doctor (GP)

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Your GP (general practitioner) is your first point of contact for any issues related to your physical and mental health.

Staying at home if unwell

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Find out what support is available if you need to stay at home or away from others whilst unwell.

Interactive health care map

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Read more information about key health and wellbeing locations near UCL's main campus

Guide to health services

healthcare services

With the variety of healthcare services ranging from self care to A&E, it can sometimes be confusing as to which health service you should use.

Sexual health

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Sexual health services, including testing, treatment and contraception, are free for everyone. Find out more from the NHS and find a sexual health centre.

Dental care

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Dental treatment can sometimes seem complicated. Find out how to access care and how much it costs.

Eye care

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Read NHS guidance on visiting an optician.