SSW Exam Season Toolkit: Dance Taster Sessions

Want to take time out from your exams? Try something new at our taster sessions with the UCL Dance Society!

In May 2024, UCL Student Support and Wellbeing is teaming up with the UCL Dance Society to offer four Dance Taster Sessions to students.

Physical movement is an excellent way to ground yourself, relieving exam stress and tension in the body. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced dancer, you can learn new moves and take time out from exams at our taster sessions. It is never too late to try a new hobby. 

Open Locking Taster Session

Thursday 9th May: 4pm-6pm (Bloomsbury Studio)

For fans of Funk and Hip Hop dance, join Sky to learn the foundations of locking and variations, ending with a routine.

Open Jazz Taster Session

Monday 13th May: 4pm-5.30pm (Bloomsbury Studio)

Get sassy with the slick moves of jazz in a session led by Andrea. Upbeat and fun, this is a great fit for fans of Jazz dance.

Bollywood Mix Taster Session

Friday 17th May: 4pm-6pm (Bloomsbury Studio)

Become a Bollywood star in this fun and expressive taster with Anushka. Perfect for fans of Bollywood dance.

Contemporary/Street Taster Session

Monday 20th May: 12pm-2pm (Bloomsbury Studio)

For fans of Contemporary and Street dance, this energetic taster from Mia will focus on choreography and musicality.