Hearing impairments

Advice and support is available to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. We encourage you to make contact with us so we can help identify services appropriate to your individual needs.

If BSL is your preferred language, please contact us to make an appointment so that we can organise an interpreter for your visit.


A wide range of support is available to students through the disability service including:

  • Sign language interpreters or lipspeakers (as appropriate) for lectures and seminars/ group work. Sign language interpreting support is provided between British Sign Language and English; students will be expected to have learnt and be able to communicate in BSL before they start the course.
  • Access to the Digital Accessibility Hub with assistive software such as mind mapping software
  • Small equipment loans, such as a Deaf Alerter fire alarm pager, digital voice recorder or portable induction loop
  • Extended library loan facility – so that you can keep library materials for longer
  • Support applying for exam arrangements – such as extra time to read and understand your exam paper
  • Liaison with Student Accommodation about any necessary modifications to your accommodation
  • Advice and guidance, for both you and your department, about the potential impact of your disability on your studies and how this can be accommodated


International Students

The information here is not applicable to EU and International Students. Please see the Funding for International Students page for further information.

UK Students

To access a range of additional services, UK students will need to apply for additional funding through Disabled Students’ Allowance. Depending on your needs, these services could include:

  • A full assessment of your academic support needs carried out at an accredited assessment centre
  • Computer equipment and specialised software for you to own 
  • Sign language interpreters or lipspeakers (as appropriate) for lectures and seminars/ group work

Please see the Disabled Students’ Allowance page for further information.

Student Funding Welfare Team

Students can contact the Student Funding Welfare Team for advice and guidance on the other forms of financial support available to disabled students:

Other services at UCL 

  • Library Services  - Information on accessing UCL's libraries and materials, including specialist services for students with a disability.
  • Ridgmount Practice - All students are advised to register with a local GP. Staff at the Ridgmount Practice are used to providing services for students and familiar with UCL systems and procedures.
  • UCL Careers Service - Information on careers, internships, volunteering and current vacancies for UCL students.

External services