Information about accommodation provision available for disabled students at UCL.

UCL is working towards expanding its accommodation provision for disabled students. All newly built residences will have facilities for disabled students and, wherever possible, adaptations have been and will continue to be made to older residences. Despite this, UCL’s provision of wheelchair accessible accommodation is limited. The following residences have accommodation that might be suitable for students with restricted mobility:

Some of these residences can be a significant distance from other parts of UCL, which may need to be taken into consideration. Car parking arrangements can usually be made where necessary.

Intercollegiate Halls

In addition to UCL's own halls of residence, students may also apply to stay in University of London accommodation. In particular, the following halls of residence are a short distance from the main UCL campus and offer rooms designed for students with special access requirements:


Where adaptations to rooms may be required e.g installation of a hoist, adapted bathroom facilities etc. students should discuss their requirements with UCL Student Accommodation and UCL Student Disability Services at an early stage – before completing the online application. Where appropriate, a preliminary visit to view potential accommodation can be arranged.


From academic year 2016/17 the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) funds will no longer cover the additional cost of specialist accommodation which may be required because of a students’ disability. UCL is committed to mitigating the impact of these changes on disabled students. We will work to ensure that students declaring a disability who require an ensuite or larger room are not charged additional costs. In practice this means that you may be allocated a higher specification room, but will only be charged the standard room rate for the accommodation block to which you are allocated.

Prioritisation will be made for students where the need for specialist accommodation arises specifically from your disability, including:

  • Students with severe mobility difficulties, such as wheelchair users 
  • Students who are blind or visually impaired to an extent that this causes them severe mobility difficulties 
  • Students with a registered disability, which causes severe mobility difficulties

Students with disabilities or medical conditions outside these criteria can still apply for accommodation citing their needs in the Additional Requirements section of the application process. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be accommodated or receive funding towards the cost of your accommodation.