Disabled international students

This page provides information about the UCL Fund for Disabled International Students.

UCL recognises that disabled students may have to incur additional costs in order to pursue their studies. Because international students are not eligible for Disabled Students’ Allowance, the UCL Fund for Disabled International Students has been established. The purpose of this fund is to support disabled international students so that they may benefit from an academic experience similar to that of their UK peers.

In addition we would advise that international students also investigate sources of funding in their home country before coming to UCL.

To be eligible for support from the UCL Fund for Disabled International Students

  • You must be enrolled at UCL
  • You must be able to show that you have a disability, long-term health condition, mental health difficulty or specific learning difficulty (e.g. dyslexia) that affects your study such that you will incur extra costs

How can the UCL Fund for Disabled International Students help me?

  • If you need specialist equipment – such as a digital voice recorder to use in lectures and seminars, a laptop, specialised computer software, a radio aid – these can be loaned to you for the duration of your studies
  • If you have a diagnosis of dyslexia or other specific learning difficulty, and are registered with Student Support and Wellbeing, funding can be provided for specialist tuition in literacy and study skills
  • If it is agreed with Student Support and Wellbeing that you need a note-taker, or other non-medical helper for course-related needs, the Fund can meet the costs (up to a maximum hourly rate and hours assessed as reasonable by Student Support and Wellbeing)
  • Other costs related to your studies may also be covered – however, we cannot fund disability-related expenditure which would be incurred if you were not following a course of study i.e. assistance with shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. 

How to access the fund

You do not need to apply – you simply need to register with Student Support and Wellbeing once you enrol. 

If you anticipate that you may need a support worker (notetaker, library assistant etc.) we would advise you contact us prior to enrolling to ensure this is in place when you commence your studies.