Student Centre Service Charter

What you can expect from the Student Centre:

  • We endeavour to be friendly, approachable and professional at all times.
  • We respect the diverse social, cultural and religious backgrounds of all students.
  • Matters of a personal nature will be dealt with in a respectful and sensitive manner.
  • We will always ask you to provide your UCL student ID card if you are a current student or for UCL Alumni an acceptable form of photo identification such as your passport. This is so we can confirm your identity and access your student record.
  • When an enquiry falls outside of the Student Centre remit, we will refer you to the relevant department. Wherever possible we will provide you with a direct contact.
  • If we feel it is beneficial to share your information with other staff outside of the Student Centre in order to resolve your query, we will seek your permission first, except where you or fellow students may be at risk.

The Student Centre Service Standards:

  • The Student Centre is open 10am to 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 11am to 5pm on Wednesday, excluding public holidays and college closure days or other advertised closures. When opening and/or closing times vary, for example, during Opening of Session, we will place notification on the Student Centre website and within the Student Centre.
  • We aim to respond to written enquiries within three working days. During very busy periods, such as Opening of Session, when this response time may not be possible we will notify you accordingly.
  • There will be times when due to UCL regulations, UCL policies and/or the Law we are unable to proceed with your request. When this occurs we will communicate to you why we are unable to comply and provide alternative suggestions in order to meet with your request wherever possible.

What the Student Centre Team asks of you:

  • Ensure that your home, contact and term-time addresses and other contact details are kept up-to-date via Portico.
  • Check your UCL e-mail account on a regular basis as any e-mail correspondence from UCL will be sent to your UCL e-mail address.
  • Don’t wait until it’s too late to address a problem. If you’re not sure who to speak to we can help put you in touch with the right contact.
  • Please do not make or take calls on your mobile phone while in the Student Centre. We need to be able to communicate with you and other students in order to provide you with an efficient service.
  • If you approach the counter and are wearing headphones we will ask you to remove them so we can converse with you.
  • Respect closure times. This is so staff can return to their office and respond to e-mail enquiries. If you need to visit the Student Centre please do so during the advertised opening hours.
  • Treat all UCL staff and students with respect and courtesy in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Students at UCL. If you breach the Code of Conduct while in dialogue with the Student Centre:
    • You will be spoken to by the Student Centre Co-ordinator about your behaviour
    • You may be asked to leave the Student Centre
    • Your behaviour may be reported to your Department and Faculty
    • Abusive and threatening behaviour will be reported to UCL Security.