Uppsala International Summer Session

14 March 2019

With support from the Short-Mobility Bursary Scheme, Sarah Parry took part in the Uppsala International Summer Session.

Sarah Parry, Language and Culture

I had an absolutely fantastic time in Uppsala, so fantastic that I didn't want to come back! I met some really great people from all over the world who I got on with really well and will keep in contact with, the Swedish lessons were really well organised and intensive - small groups with great teachers and learning materials - and I feel like I had complete immersion in the culture and language of Sweden while I was there. We all spoke Swedish to each other all the time - in class and out - which really helped to improve my confidence and fluency in speaking. One of the highlights was going to a real Swedish midsummer celebration, it was such an amazing and authentic experience as everyone there apart from us was local to the area, it wasn't put on for tourists at all. 

I really feel like I learned a lot from my time there, academically, culturally and personally, and the money I received from the Short Mobility Bursary scheme was a real help in getting me there. I enjoyed it so much I've already started saving up to go back next year!