Doctoral School welcome resources

A warm welcome to new members of UCL's diverse research community. If you're a PhD student or other researcher, please spend some time looking through the helpful resources below.

Welcome to UCL’s research community

Congratulations on becoming part of UCL's world-leading research community, a diverse and vibrant group of highly talented researchers at the cutting edge of their fields. We hope you're excited to get under way.

To help you familiarise yourself with the many opportunities and services available to you, we've put together a series of short videos introducing you to everything you need to know.

Please spend some time to watch these within your first few weeks and also read through the Graduate Research Degrees Code of Practice for 2020/21, so that you fully understand our commitment to you.

Visit the UCL Doctoral School website for much more information.

On this page:

What is a research degree at UCL?

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— Professor David Bogle, Pro-Vice-Provost for the UCL Doctoral School 

Key people, resources and spaces

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— Elizabeth Halton, Deputy Director, UCL Doctoral School

Researcher development at UCL - Doctoral Skills

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— Kasia Bronk, Academic Development Manager, UCL Organisational Development 

Careers information for research students

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— Dr Jana Dankovicova, Career Consultant, UCL Careers

Innovation & Enterprise at UCL

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— Dr Celia Caulcott, Vice-Provost Enterprise & Dr Ruth Weir, Senior Programme Officer for Entrepreneurship 

UCL Student Mediator

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— Dr Ruth Siddall, UCL Student Mediator, Office of the Vice-Provost for Education & Student Affairs 

What Students' Union UCL offers

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Jim Onyemenam, Postgraduate Students’ Officer, Students’ Union UCL

Student Discussion Panel

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- Professor Jill Norman (Chair), Fei (Sophie) Yuan, Julian Laufs, Georgia Constantinou & Nilisha Vashist