Recommended activities

The checklist below shows things to do in the first few weeks of your programme. These are recommended actions that you should complete.

Checklists for students starting in 2021

The checklists below are relevant to students starting in 2021 only.

This page was last updated on 8 February 2021.

Please note that depending on your circumstances, some of the activities below may not be applicable to you.  

All students

Get to know others

There are all sorts of different opportunities to build a personal support network within your first few weeks. Try to get talking to those around you in your accommodation if applicable, on your programme and in other welcome and induction events.

UCL has a hugely diverse student population, so you're sure to meet people from all over the world and from all different backgrounds and cultures. Keep an open mind at all times and you'll be guaranteed to learn a lot about each other and broaden your horizons.

Building a personal support network of friends, coursemates and others during your time at UCL is very important. As your programme gets under way and the academic work gets more challenging, there's no better source of support and help than those around you.

Familiarise yourself with your UCL library and accessing library resources

If you're able to come onto campus, take some time to visit the library most relevant to you to orient yourself. Our friendly Library Services staff are here to help with any queries.

Full information, including about the reopening of our library sites, is available on the UCL Library Services website.

Make sure you know how to search for library resources and how to access our extensive online and physical collections.

Visit UCL Library Services' online resources.

Find out how to get started with UCL Library Services.

Familiarise yourself with Student Support and Wellbeing

Your health is just as important as your academic success, and UCL Student Support and Wellbeing provides a wide range of information, advice and support services to help you maintain positive physical and mental wellbeing. Key services include UCL's counselling team (Student Psychological and Counselling Services) and appointments with mental health, wellbeing and disability advisers.

Make sure you know what support is available and how to access it if needed.

Learn more about Student Support and Wellbeing. 

Visit UCLcares

To help you lead a happy, healthy and balanced student lifestyle, Student Support and Wellbeing run an online platform called UCLcares, featuring articles written by students, staff and experts in their field, and links to events and event resources.

New content is added regularly during term time, so check out UCLcares on a regular basis for advice on how to look after yourself.

Visit UCLcares.

Download UCL Go!

UCL Go! is our student mobile app, featuring university information such as timetables, study space availability and campus maps. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Find out more about UCL Go! and download.

Start engaging with UCL Careers

No matter what your plans are for the future, UCL Careers can help with a range of services, from one-to-one advice with applications and interviews to industry-specific recruitment events. Start talking to the Careers team early to get the most out of what they offer.

Start exploring UCL Careers.

Build connections with UCL alumni

UCL has a global network of alumni that you can connect with and learn from through UCL’s exclusive Alumni Online Community. Find a mentor from our pool of experienced alumni who can share professional advice and give you an insider's view on your chosen field, and make new friends in the dedicated international and interest based groups.

Read myUCL

myUCL is UCL's newsletter for all students. With weekly editions during term time, it tells you everything you need to know about important announcements, events and opportunities on campus. Keep an eye out for it in your UCL email inbox.

Find out more about myUCL and how you can get involved. 

Check out the 10 Minute Mind and Anxiety: Beat It and Regain Peace programmes

UCL's 10 Minute Mind programme is an online guided mindfulness meditation programme. The aim of this programme is to help you to learn to manage your stress and improve your wellbeing in only 10 short minutes a day. Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase focus and overall feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Sign up and each day you'll have access to a new guided mindfulness meditation track to help you alleviate stress.

The Anxiety: Beat It and Regain Peace programme aims to support you in feeling more in control of your general anxiety and in developing a wealth of techniques to make sure you can keep your anxiety at bay into the future.