Welcome Stories

We're gathering hints, tips, and experiences from current students to help with starting UCL. So if you want to know what it's like to start UCL, keep reading.

We’re working on bringing lots of welcome stories from across the university together. In the meantime, even if you’re not a Postgraduate Taught Student, there’s lots of information that will be relevant to you. Especially if you’re commuting or you’ve been out of education a while.

Postgraduate Taught Students

We know that starting a Postgraduate Taught Degree can be intimidating. Perhaps you’ve been out of education a while, have caring responsibilities, or you’re a fourth year and not sure what to expect.

Welcome Stories: Postgrad Videos 

In our Welcome Stories series, current postgraduate students share their journey to joining UCL. Learn how they've got involved with UCL, how they structure their workload, and what tips they'd give new students.

Jenna's Story

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Niyan's Story

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Padhmaja's Story

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Welcome Stories: Postgrad Blogs 

We asked our fantastic Postgraduate Content Writers to create some blogs on what it’s like to start UCL and useful information you’ll need to know. The blogs cover a wide range of topics including: