I have been given my visa as a Digital Immigration Status


Please upload the following via your Portico account:

A copy of your share code. You will need to generate a share code and upload this via your Portico account. UCL will then use this to verify your immigration status.

Tip: See advice on how to generate a share code. Once generated, your share code will be valid for 90 days and is a combination of letters and numbers.

Tip: If you are a Student Visa holder and have received a Digital Immigration Status, we will need some extra information from you:

  • An email that you received from UKVI, confirming that your visa has been granted for UCL. 
  • A boarding pass or flight itinerary which shows when you entered the UK. 

Tip: See further information about Digital Immigration Status.

Not sure how to upload your visa documents to Portico? 


An example of a share code:

screenshot of share code information page on UKVI website