I applied for a Student Visa from outside the UK


Please upload the following via your Portico account:

A copy of your entry clearance travel vignette with a UK arrival stamp. This will be a sticker on your passport, please see the example. Your vignette will be stamped when you arrive in the UK. 

We will also need  copy of you visa decision letter/email, which shows the correct visa expiry date.

You can still complete pre-enrolment before you arrive in the UK by uploading an unstamped vignette, but we won't be able to conclude your enrolment until you provide evidence of your UK arrival. As you receive your visa documents, you can keep us updated by uploading them to the pre-enrolment task.  Once you have arrived in the UK, you can provide us with a copy of your stamped vignette (or boarding pass if you entered through an e-gate) and we will then be able to complete your enrolment.


  • Please make sure that you enter the UK within the dates stated on your entry clearance vignette.
  • Your visa MUST have UCL's Sponsor Licence Number: X3W1RGWT9
  • If your entry clearance vignette isn't stamped on arrival, please provide a copy of your boarding pass or flight itinerary.
  • Once you have arrived in the UK, you may be also required to collect a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). See further information about this. 

Not sure how to upload your visa documents to Portico? 

An example of a visa decision letter 

Decision letter

Examples of visa decision email 

Decision email

An example of a stamped entry clearance vignette:

uk entry clearance vignette