Countdown to UCL

Find out more about different aspects of UCL life in each of the themes below. Articles written by staff and students, with new content every week!

Getting ready

How to get yourself ready for UCL student life!

London life

Tower Bridge at night

How to become a true Londoner!


Hand with keys

How to get yourself a home away from home!

Students' Union UCL

two female students laughing

How to make the most of your Students' Union! 


Pound coins

How to manage your student finances!

Safety and security

Cyclist with bag and helmet

How to stay safe and well in the city!


Colourful pattern

How to become part of the most vibrant city in the world!

Love UCL

Female student wearing 'UCL' jacket

How to become part of the UCL community!

Academic life

Pencil, notepad and pencil sharpener

How to get ahead in your studies!

Support, health and wellbeing

Stones balanced on top of one another

How to look after yourself as a student!

Get involved


Some of the varied opportunities available to you here at UCL!

Settling in

Multicoloured bunting

How to hit the ground running!

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