Before you arrive

The items below are all things to do before arriving at UCL. Some are essential, while others are recommended.

You must... Make sure you've met all your entry requirements

You'll need to demonstrate that you've met all the entry requirements of your programme. You may need to bring evidence with you when you arrive for your enrolment appointment.

You must... Sort out your funding

Make sure you know how you'll be funding your programme and that everything is in order. Many students will have funding from student finance bodies and will need to go through a separate application process.

Find out more about student funding 

You must... Find somewhere to live

If you're eligible, you may want to apply for a place in UCL-managed accommodation. Alternatively, you can look for private rented accommodation. If you're doing this, you shouldn't pay anything before you see the property, so book a hotel or hostel for when you first arrive in London.

Explore UCL accommodation

Get help finding somewhere in the private sector 

You must... Pay your fees

You can easily pay your fees through UCL's online payment service.

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You must... Apply for a visa (if applicable)

If you are an international student, you may need a visa to study in the UK.

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You must... Get vaccinated

Make sure you've had the meningitis (ACWY) and MMR vaccinations before you arrive.

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You must... Complete pre-enrolment

You'll receive an email asking you to create your username and password and complete pre-enrolment. This should be done before you arrive at UCL.

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You should... Sign up to the International Student Orientation Programme (if applicable)

All new non-UK students are encouraged to attend the International Student Orientation Programme (ISOP), a free week-long programme of events before the main start of term in September designed to help you settle in.

Registration for ISOP takes place as part of pre-enrolment. 

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You should... Plan your journey

Figure our how you're getting to your accommodation and how you'll get to the main UCL campus.

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You should... Apply for travel insurance (if applicable)

If you're travelling from overseas, it's recommended to get travel insurance to cover your journey.

You should... Request an early arrival in your hall of residence (if applicable)

If you're an international student attending ISOP and staying in a hall of residence, then you should request an early arrival.

Visit the UCL Accommodation website

You should... Plan your budget

The earlier you think about how to manage your money during your programme, the better.

Read tips on how to manage your money

You should... Register your phone number with UCL's Information Services Division (ISD)

This allows you to reset your password if you forget it, through the MyAccount system.

Visit MyAccount

You should... Tell UCL Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) about any disabilities or long-term health conditions

You should get in touch with SSW if you have any kind of disability or long-term physical or mental health condition. This will help ensure that the right support is in place during your programme.

Find out more about declaring a disability or long-term health condition

Contact Student Support and Wellbeing

You could... Buy tickets for social events

Students' Union UCL range a series of social events for new students at the start of term, some of which require tickets.

See what's on in the Students' Union

You could... Research clubs and societies

You can explore clubs and societies in the Students' Union online before the Welcome Fair.

Visit the clubs and societies directory

You could... Take out personal insurance

You may need or benefit from personal insurance, covering your possessions or medical expenses.