Extra activities

The checklist below shows things to do before starting your programme at UCL. These are extra actions that you could choose to complete.

Checklists for students starting in 2021

The checklists below are relevant to students starting in 2021 only.

This page was last updated on 8 February 2021.

Please note that depending on your circumstances, some of the activities below may not be applicable to you.

All students

Research clubs and societies

You can explore clubs and societies on the Students' Union website. You’ll be able to sign up at the start of term.

Read more about our clubs and societies.

Take out personal insurance

You might benefit from personal insurance, covering your possessions or medical expenses.

Follow UCL on social media

Stay up to date with everything happening at UCL by following us on social media.

Follow UCL Student Support and Wellbeing on social media

The Student Support and Wellbeing team provide handy tips and information on how to take care of yourself as a student on their @uclcares social media channels.