Recommended activities

The checklist below shows things to do in the first few days of your programme. These are recommended actions that you should complete.

Checklists for students starting in 2021

The checklists below are relevant to students starting in 2021 only.

This page was last updated on 8 February 2021.

Please note that depending on your circumstances, some of the activities below may not be applicable to you.

All students 

Get access to free Wi-Fi on campus

If you're able to come onto campus, don't forget that you have access to free Wi-Fi in and around all our buildings, using the ‘eduroam’ network.

You'll need your UCL user ID and password to log in (you'll have set up your password as part of pre-enrolment). 

If you have any problems accessing Wi-Fi, contact the Information Services Division (ISD) helpdesk by emailing portico-helpdesk@ucl.ac.uk or by calling +44 (0)207 679 0637.

Get a student bank account

If you're a UK student or an international student who's able to join us in London, opening a UK student bank account is a good idea to manage your money more easily and safely, and to benefit from additional perks such as overdrafts.

If you're on a programme of study lasting less than six months, then you likely won't be able to open a bank account - we recommend pre-loaded cash cards instead in this case.

Find out more information about pre-paid cash cards.

Find out how to open a UK bank account (international students).

Attend any hall of residence welcome events

If you're living in a hall of residence, there are likely to be digital welcome events within your first few weeks. Attendance is strongly recommended to help you familiarise yourself with your new home away from home. 

Get to know your hall of residence team

If you're living in a hall of residence, it's important to know that you'll be supported by a Warden and a team of Student Residence Advisers (SRAs), who are there out of hours to make sure that your accommodation is a safe and welcoming environment and to support you if you have any wellbeing issues. You'll also have a team of office staff and security staff in your hall.

Try to get to know your SRA team in particular as well as your neighbours, so that you have a network of support in place if you need it.

Find out more about our SRAs.

Explore the campus

UCL's main campus covers a large area of Bloomsbury, with additional sites nearby, further afield in London and even outside London. If you're able to come onto campus in September, take some time to try to familiarise yourself with your department and the key features of the main campus, as far as you're able to.

The UCL Maps website and the student app UCL Go! (available on the App Store and Google Play) are great resources to help you find your way around.

See maps of UCL sites.

Find out more about UCL Go! and download.

Attend the Welcome Fair and join clubs and societies

At the start of term, Students' Union UCL organises the Welcome Fair, bringing together over 250 clubs and societies. It's a great opportunity to find out about what the Students' Union offers and sign up to a club or society.

Find out more about what to expect from your Students' Union UCL welcome.

International students 

Scan or take photos of important documents

If you're an international student coming to the UK on a Tier 4 Student visa, then losing any or all of your important documents like your visa or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) could hinder your ability to access important services.

Replacing them in some circumstances can be quite expensive. Having a scanned copy or photo of these documents is important to avoid any issues if you misplace them.

Attend the 'Meet Your Department' session

If you're an affiliate student - coming to UCL on a Study Abroad (JYA), Erasmus, Independent Affiliate or other exchange programme - it's strongly recommended that you attend the 'Meet You Department' session. This is a useful opportunity to meet key contacts like your Affiliate Tutor and to get help with the module registration process.

Please note that arrangements for the 'Meet Your Department' sessions are currently unclear for students due to start in 2021 - they are likely to be different from usual due to the impacts of COVID-19, such as social distancing requirements. Please revisit this checklist regularly for updates for look out for information from UCL sent to you by email. 

Find out more about the ‘Meet Your Department’ sessions.

Get a UK SIM card

If you're an international student able to come to the UK in September, it's worth considering a UK SIM card for easier access to the Internet and to make local as well as international calls more affordably. Some providers offer free SIM cards for pay-as-you-go, which can be ordered online and delivered to your address.

Find out more about keeping in touch.