Extra activities

The checklist below shows things to do in the first few days of your programme. These are extra actions that you could choose to complete.

Checklists for students starting in 2021

The checklists below are relevant to students starting in 2021 only.

This page was last updated on 8 February 2021.

Please note that depending on your circumstances, some of the activities below may not be applicable to you.

All students

Find out what's on at Students' Union UCL

Students' Union UCL and their clubs and societies host a wide range of events and activities for new students, with all sorts of different things on offer to cater to all tastes.

Find out what's on in the Students' Union. 

Explore your local area

The main UCL campus is based in Bloomsbury, which has an array of parks and green spaces and lots going on. If you're able to come onto campus, take some time to wander round Bloomsbury and find your bearings.

Explore options for fitness and exercise

It's very important to look after your health while at university and all students should try to exercise regularly. This could be as simple as walking or cycling, but you may also want to join a local gym if possible.

Bloomsbury Fitness, run by Students' Union UCL, is available to all students, from beginners to regular gym-goers.

Visit the Bloomsbury Fitness website.

Look into student discounts

All students on a programme lasting longer than 12 weeks are eligible to get a TOTUM card. As the most widely recognised student discount card, this grants you access to a wide range of discounts and services. You can choose from a 1-year card for £12, a 2-year card for £22 or a 3-year card for £32.

Other sites like UNiDAYS and Student Beans can also offer helpful discounts. 

Find out more about the TOTUM card.