Make sure you have everything covered for your arrival and that you know what to expect with our checklists below. These show essential tasks that you must do, recommended tasks that you should do and optional extras that you could do. Read through these checklists carefully, as some tasks can't be missed.

Before you arrive

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You'll need to get a number of things done before you arrive at UCL, from completing pre-enrolment online to getting your vaccinations. These checklists talk you through all the required and optional steps.

First few days

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Your first few days at UCL might seem daunting, with thousands of new students on campus, but follow these checklists and you'll be able to make sure you get everything done with ease.

First few weeks

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Beyond your busy first few days, there's still a lot you can do to help you settle in and start to make the most of your UCL experience. These checklists will help you find your feet.

Late arrivals

Arrivals board showing numerous cities including London

If you need to arrive late at UCL, don't worry. This happens to a number of students each year and is generally not a problem. This list explains what you need to do if you'll be arriving after the start of term.