Online Orientation for New Students - January 2021

This page gives information on the January 2021 online orientation for new students course, when it starts and how you will be able to access it.

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Online orientation course for new students

For new students arriving at UCL in January 2021, UCL are creating an orientation course to help you familiarise yourself with everything you need to know about life at UCL. Although not mandatory, completion of this course is strongly advised as it contains important information on all parts of life at UCL and in the UK.

Who is the course for?

The course is intended for any student who is starting at UCL in January 2021 or for those who will have already started at UCL but didn't take the September 2020 Online Orientation for New Students course. Although the course is for all new students, some sections labelled 'international students only' are for non-UK students, as they cover information to support the transition to life in the UK.


Each section contains presentations and activities to prepare you as much as possible for your time at UCL. The presentations and activities are clearly labelled to make navigating the course as clear as possible and there are also resources and further information for each section, which allow you to quickly find links to topics mentioned in the presentations. 

The course is divided into 4 sections and covers:

Healthcare, wellbeing and safety

This section includes what services are offered by the National Health Service (NHS) and how to access them; the Student Support and Wellbeing team and what services are offered to students who require extra support; the UCL Safety team and how you can stay safe during your time at UCL.

Life in London and the UK

This section includes what to bring and prepare for when coming to London and the UK; the best ways to travel around London and the UK; information about banks and how to open an account in the UK; immigration advice for EU/EEA/Swiss and non-EU students. 

Academic and social life at UCL

This section includes information about the tutors and academic staff who can help with your academic and personal journey through UCL, English language support for academic purposes, who to ask and where to go when you want the answers to your specific questions including UCL Library services, information on the career and job services offered for when you graduate; all the clubs, societies, support and opportunities offered by Students' Union UCL. 

Student experience  

This section includes information about what kind of culture UCL has and how our diverse student body contributes to this every single day; testimonials from students about their time at UCL and their advice for other students. It also provides information on the International Student Orientation webinars and UCL's International Student Common Rooms.

UCL provides a huge amount of academic and social support to its students and this course is great in showing you where and how you can access this support. 

Start the Online Orientation for New Students course - January 2021 now.

The January 2021 Online Orientation for New Students course will be available on December 7 2020 from 12.00 midday UK time.

Please note you will need to have completed pre-enrolment in order to access Moodle.

For questions and support, please contact internationalsupport@ucl.ac.uk.