Your education options if you cannot join us in London

Information for international offer holders and international returning students who are unable to study on campus in September/October 2021.

Education at UCL in 2021-22 will be campus-based.

We believe that face-to-face education is central to effective learning, where you work alongside your fellow students as part of a community that is alive with research and academic scholarship. 

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The start of the academic year is an important part of your time at UCL and you should plan to join us on campus from the beginning of term. 

However, we recognize that the pandemic could make it impossible for you to join us at the start of term. 

  • Programmes have already clarified the extent to which they will be able to support you to begin your studies remotely for the first few weeks, if you cannot travel from abroad to London due to these restrictions.  

  • A limited number of programmes may be able to extend this period of support for students whose arrival is delayed, with some modifications to your studies. Departments will provide an update by 17 August, if they have not done so already, to confirm how long you could study remotely if you cannot join us at the start of term. 

  • If circumstances related to the pandemic mean you won’t be in London by the date specified by your department, you have the option either to defer your place or interrupt your studies. Please contact your department if you wish to discuss this option further.  

It’s important to note that if we can support you to follow some elements of your programme online through Term 1, This will not be the same as studying a fully online programme or studying in person: whilst we will ensure you can meet the baseline learning outcomes until you join us on campus, it will not be the same educational experience you would receive were you to attend in person. We won't be able to offer tailored support for online study, over and above the tuition and support you would normally receive on the programme, so you will need to be confident in your ability to keep up with teaching through the resources we can make available for Term 1. You may also be required to choose from a smaller range of modules that are more suitable for remote study.  

Your safety during the coronavirus pandemic

Our student’s safety and wellbeing are at the heart of our plans for next year and we have robust safety measures to keep staff and students safe on campus. 

If you are an international student joining us for Term 1 from a country where hotel quarantine in the UK is required, you will be able to apply retrospectively for a means-tested financial contribution towards your quarantine costs.  

The UK has a well-advanced vaccination programme and international students at UCL on all visas and of all nationalities will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. UCL’s International Student Support webpages have more information on the advice and support available as you prepare to arrive in London as an international student. A resurgence of coronavirus is always a possibility at any point in the next academic year. This risk is not confined to the Autumn term. The UK government is confident that we can significantly reduce the impact of any further outbreaks through our extensive testing and vaccination programme and careful risk management. 

For information about financial support with quarantine costs, please see UCL's Fees and Funding webpages.