International common rooms

The international common rooms have been set up to give you an opportunity to meet new people, meet our amazing cultural societies, share ideas and passions, ask questions and build networks in the UCL's global community.

The international common rooms cover different regions around the globe to account for time zones and provide more tailored advice where needed. They are run by the student leaders of our cultural societies, who’ll be sharing their great insights into UCL, and posting valuable information and support tools to help you get the most of your time at UCL, as well as setting up different groups, events and activities for you to get involved in. More than one cultural society will be involved in each regional common room, and will create sub-groups for different countries, interest or cultural groups which you will be able to participate in. You can find a full list of cultural societies at UCL on the Student's Union UCL webpages

Code of Conduct

We are UCL. When you enroll at UCL, you sign up to the university’s regulations, including our Code of Conduct for Students. As a UCL student, you’re expected to act responsibly and be considerate, respectful and courteous towards others. Bullying and harassment are not tolerated.

We also ask that all conversations, chats and events are in English to ensure they are accessible to all students. 

Please note that all students should also adhere to the UCL code of conduct.

Any inapropriate behaviours should be repoted via Report and Support. We reserve the right to remove people from the international common rooms if their behaviour does not meet our community's high standards.