BRP Collection Appointments

Once you enter the UK you will be required to collect your full Tier 4 visa, called a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

BRP Collection

You must book an appointment in order to collect your BRP from UCL.  Please note, you will need to collect your BRP before you will be permitted to enrol at UCL, therefore please book a BRP collection appointment that is before your enrolment appointment. 

You must bring with you:

  1. Your passport
  2. Your UKVI decision letter which accompanied your 30 day travel visa
  3. Your UCL student number
  4. Confirmation of your BRP collection appointment

If you have any questions about your BRP, please email the Student Immigration Compliance Team: visacompliance@ucl.ac.uk 

BRP Appointments

Tuesday 4th September

Wednesday 5th September

Thursday 6th September

Friday 7th September 

Monday 10th September 

Tuesday 11th September

Wednesday 12th September 

Thursday 13th September 

Friday 14th September 

Monday 17th September 

Tuesday 18th September 

Wednesday 19th September 

Thursday 20th September 

Friday 21st September 

Saturday 22nd September 

Sunday 23rd September 

Monday 24th September 

Tuesday 25th September 

Wednesday 26th September 

Thursday 27th September 

Friday 28th September