I am studying at UCL for 6 months or less



Example of stamped vignette

uk entry clearance vignette

Example of entry clearance stamp

Black and white image of entry clearance stamp in passport

Example of boarding pass

Picture of a boarding pass with details blacked out


Please upload the following via your Portico account:

  • If you applied for your visa in advance. Please upload a copy of your stamped vignette.
  • If you didn't need to apply for a visa in advance, please upload a copy of your entry clearance stamp.
  • If you entered the UK via the e-gates, please upload a copy of your boarding pass.

Not sure how to upload your visa to Portico? See our step by step guidance here.

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Term dates for 2021-2022

First term
Start date: Monday 27 September 2021
End date: Friday 17 December 2021

Second term
Start date: Monday 10 January 2022
End date: Friday 25 March 2022

Third term
Start date: Monday 25 April 2022
End date: Friday 10 June 2022