Application process

The application route for your 2023-24 Study Abroad placement is determined by your department. Please read the information below to familiarise yourself with the relevant application process.

Application made to your department 

If you are a student within one of the following departments, your application for your 2023-24 Study Abroad placement is made directly to your department, who manage their own application process and deadlines:

  • Bartlett School of Planning
  • Economics
  • ESPS (European Social and Political Studies) 
  • Greek and Latin (Classics)
  • Hebrew and Jewish Studies
  • History (with the exception of a small number of 'UCL-wide' options; please liaise with your department for more information)
  • Institute of the Americas
  • ISPS (International Social and Political Studies) 
  • Laws
  • School of Pharmacy
  • SELCS (School of European Languages and Culture) 
  • Slade School of Fine Art
  • SSEES (School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies)

If you are a student from one of these departments and are eligible to study abroad next year, please liaise with your departmental study abroad tutor for information on how and when you apply for your placement. 

Application made to the Study Abroad Team 

If you are a student from any other department (i.e. one not listed above!) and are eligible to study abroad, your application is made to the Study Abroad Team and consists of two parts:

Part 1: Approval
You will be asked to submit your preferred university choices via the online form linked below. You will list up to four universities, in order of preference, having informed your departmental Study Abroad Tutor of your proposed university preferences beforehand. Your Study Abroad Tutor will 'approve' these choices to us to confirm that they are happy for you to proceed to Part 2 of the application process.

As of 1pm (UK time) on Monday, 28th November 2022, Part 1 applications are now closed. 

Part 2: Application
After your university preferences have been formally approved by your departmental Study Abroad Tutor, you will be emailed a link inviting you to complete Part 2 of the application process. In the form, you will answer a series of application questions demonstrating your motivation to study abroad and the research that you have conducted into each of your university preferences. In Part 2, you will also upload a CV/Resumé tailored to the study abroad application. 

Full details about Part 2 - including the application questions - can be found in the guidance document linked below. You are encouraged to begin drafting your application answers as soon as possible whilst awaiting approval for your preferences.

If you are eligible for Part 2, information was sent to you via email on Friday, 9th December. Part 2 applications will close at 1pm (UK time) on Monday, 19th December 2022

Application Instructions 

Once you have attended our Go Abroad Week events, consulted the Options Guide for universities available for your department and have used the How to Decide Guide to help determine your preferences, it is time to begin your application!

Please refer to the detailed application guide below, which outlines the application steps you'll need to take and associated deadlines. After you have read this document and are ready to submit your preferences, please use the link below to begin your application.

To apply, follow the steps below: 

  1. Download and read our
  2. Part 1 applications are now closed. Part 2 applications are open and full information about the application process was emailed to all students who successfully progressed from Part 1.

Application Timeline

If your application is made to your department, you should follow application instructions and deadlines as confirmed by your departmental Study Abroad Tutor.

If your application is made to the Study Abroad Team, you will follow the timeline below: 

Central Study Abroad application timeline 2023-24
Progression to Parts 2 and 3 of the application is contingent upon successful and timely completion of the preceding part(s). Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered.  


Questions about the Application Process 

Want to discuss your application with a Study Abroad student ambassador? Use the table below to book in with one of our amazing study abroad returners to ask your questions!

All ambassadors are equipped to support students from any department who are submitting applications to any host universities. You can learn more about their experiences below:

Study Abroad AmbassadorUCL DepartmentStudy Abroad typeStudy Abroad location(s)Book a 1:1 appointment with this ambassador
Abi AniSchool of European Languages and Cultures (SELCS)Year abroad; Short-term global opportunitySpain, The Netherlands; EcuadorBook an appointment with Abi
José Juan de León GuillamonElectronic and Electrical EngineeringYear abroad; Short-term global opportunityHong KongBook an appointment with José Juan
Nuha HameedEarth SciencesYear abroadCanadaBook an appointment with Nuha
Weronika KopecEuropean and International Social and Political Studies (EISPS)Year abroadRussiaBook an appointment with Weronika
Will WatsonAnthropologyYear abroadUSABook an appointment with Will

If you have questions for the central Study Abroad team about the application process, please contact us using askUCL. The last day to submit an enquiry and guarantee a response before the Part 2 deadline is Thursday, 15th December.

You can also visit us in person at the Student Enquiries Centre between 2 and 4pm on Wednesday, 14th December or join our online drop-in at the same time, Wednesday, 14th December between 2 and 4 pm - Click here to join the meeting