Non-Erasmus placements

Relevant documents and forms for those on non-Erasmus placements abroad.

The information below is for all students who have been nominated for an non-Erasmus+ Study placement in the academic year 2019/20. Completion of all the relevant documents is a compulsory part of the study abroad programme. 

Document NameDescription and Action Required Due Date 
Confirmation of Arrival Form 

Confirmation that you have arrived and begun your placement. 

As soon as you arrive at your placement.
Confirmation of Departure FormConfirmation of the end date of your placement. At the end of your placement, a few days before departure.
UCL Study Abroad QuestionnaireOnline questinnaire that must be completed by all students who spend part or all of the year abroad. Your questionnaire will be emailed to you directly near the end of your placement/s.  Term 1 - Feb 2020
Term 2 - July 2020
Full year - July 2020