Asia and Australasia

Summer School opportunities in Asia and Australasia.


University of Sydney Short-Term Program

The Sydney Short-Term Program offers the largest unit of study selection in Australia to Study Abroad and Exchange students. Each unit is taught in an intensive format, while maintaining credit values. Many units of study are taught alongside local students and provide hands-on experiential learning in an Australian context. Modules include Introduction to Gender Studies, Marketing Principles, Sport and Learning in Australian Culture and Introduction to Indigenous Culture.

Students choose one or two units of study in their chosen session, one of which could be a credit-bearing internship if attending Session A. Students who enrol into ARTS2600 in Session A must also enrol in another unit of study at the same time and should keep in mind that placements are particularly competitive in Short Term Session A. Internships are not offered in Session B.


Session A: 30th May - 8th July 2022

Session B: 20th June - 22nd July 2022

Tuition Fee:

One unit of study: $3,075 AUD

Two units of study: $6,150 AUD

For more information, see the University of Sydney Short Term Program Guide.

Our colleagues from Sydney will also be running information sessions with a focus on the Short-Term Programme. To find out more and sign up, please see the events on Eventbrite

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Global Summer School *Virtual Programme*

The online 2021 Global Summer School provides excellent opportunities for students to learn about China through academic and cultural immersion. A wide range of courses in various disciplines are provided, including Public Policy and City Governance, Practice in Restoring Chinese Historical Buildings, Digital Innovations and Smart Construction, and Machine Intelligence and Robotics, each of which will be accompanied by Chinese language courses.

Session A: 8th July - 23th July 2021
Session B: 8th July - 30th July 2021

Tuition Fees:
Session A: RMB 5400 (USD 820)
Session B: RMB 7900 (USD 990)

Deadline: 30th April 2021

For more information visit the SJTU Global Summer School website.
Peking University Summer School

Being ranked the number one top research university in the world, Peking University aims to provide aspiring students with the world's perspectives of China and China's perspectives of the world, through its Summer School. They offer a variety of courses, including fieldtrips as well as extracurricular and social events being arranged for all students taking part.

Some of the courses offered to undegraduates, graduates and working professionals are China in the Global Economy, Introduction to Chinese Economy and Chinese Perspective on International and Global Affairs.

Dates: vary depending on programme


Session A (Two-Week Session): 4th - 15th July 2022

Session B (Two-Week Session): 18th - 29th July 2022

Session A&B (Four-Week Session): 4th - 29th July 2021

For more information visit the Peking University Summer School International website. 

Tuition Fees: vary depending on credit load. For more information visit the PKU Summer School website.

Zhejiang University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Summer Camp
The Zhejiang University (ZJU) Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Summer Camp is a unique three-week program which offers participants an opportunity to understand entrepreneurial China in one of China's most dynamic growth areas.

Combined fieldwork with courses, the program encourages participants to observe and learn from the real business settings via company visits, networking events with entrepreneurs and tours searching for business opportunities.

By the end of the program, students will be required to create their own China business initiative and present it to the final judges as part of their assessment. The curriculum is well designed covering different facets of entrepreneurship including the cultural issue, the economic issue, the marketing issue as well as specific areas such as intellectual property and big data. Cultural immersion sessions are also offered throughout the program. Further details of the schedule can be found on the International Summer School Information Sheet.

Dates: TBC

Tuition Fee: TBC
The University of Hong Kong Summer Institute
The HKU Summer Institute aims to bring learning outside of four walls and provides initiatives for students to explore Asia and the world. Each programme is special in its own way and is supplemented with social and cultural activities to enrich students’ summer and educational experience. Summer at HKU provides a platform for making new friends from around the world, and to take up intellectual challenges and experience cross-cultural interaction that one may not engage elsewhere. Some courses are available in-person, with others delivered virtually. Please check the programme list for the mode of delivery.

Dates: vary depending on programme.

Tuition Fees: vary depending on the programme.

For more information visit the HKU Summer Institute website.
Chinese University of Hong Kong International Summer School *Virtual Programme*

Two unique sessions will be offered virtually at ISS 2022. The 5-week July Session offers 14 courses in four academic areas taught by outstanding CUHK and visiting professors from renowned overseas universities, as well as Chinese language courses in Putonghua (Mandarin) and Cantonese. It will be followed by the 3-week August Session, which exclusively offers intensive Chinese language courses in Putonghua. All courses will be taught in English apart from Chinese language courses, and they will be delivered online via Zoom and other virtual learning platforms.

ISS academic courses are accompanied with a slew of exciting virtual cultural activities ranging from city tours, cooking classes to heritage walks. We will continue to recreate many of the popular ISS cultural activities virtually, and they will be specifically designed to promote interaction among participants.


July Session: 27th June - 1st August 2022

August Session: 8th August - 26th August 2022

Tuition Fees: vary depending on programme.

For more information visit the CUHK International Summer School website.

Nanyang Technological University GEM Trailblazer Summer Term

Spend a summer in Singapore, a perfect 'soft landing' in the heart of booming Asia-Pacific region and a springboard to explore the many cultures and languages in the surrounding countries. NTU's unique summer programme offers five different study tracks and will offer an unforgettable summer experience!


  • 6-week programme: 15th June - 30th July 2022
  • 4-week programme: 29th June - 30th July 2022
  • 2-week programme: 29th June - 15th July 2022 or 13th July - 30th July 2022

Tuition Fees: vary depending on programme.

For more information visit the GEM Trailblazer Summer Term website.

The GEM Trailblazer Team will also be hosting information sessions and live chat sessions in the weeks and months ahead. For more information, see the GEM Trailblazer Summer Term website.

National University of Singapore FASStrack Asia Programme *Virtual Programme*

FASStrack Asia started in 2013 and was developed with the rigorous academic standards which NUS is known for. You will be attending classes held in a dynamic and multi-cultural learning environment with NUS and international students from various universities from all over the world. FASStrack Asia comprises courses from the Faculty’s Asian Studies Division, Humanities Division and the Social Sciences Division. Further information about the online programme:

  • All FASStrack modules are E-modules, i.e. all classes are conducted fully online, no face-to-face contact.
  • Majority of the modules are based on synchronous learning hence attendance for all online lessons is expected.
  • You can read a maximum of 2 modules (1 from each session).
  • All modules are based on 100% Continuous Assessment (CA) with no final examination.

A list of the modules available can be seen on the FASStrack Asia website.

Dates: vary depending on module(s) taken.

Tuition Fee: S$2,985 per module.

For more information visit the FASStrack Asia website.

National University of Singapore Enterprise Summer Programme *Virtual Programme*

Learn about entrepreneurship in the bustling city of Singapore: a little red dot that has “started up” and “scaled up” to achieve global impact today.

Singapore has birthed a wide array of home-grown enterprises that leave footprints in the region and beyond. Its success stories include enterprises like Carousell, Shopback, Rotimatic, Patsnap and many more.

This programme is a melting pot of nationalities, languages and cultures as it brings together high-calibre students from all over the globe to learn and grow together, in an intensive two-week introduction to the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Through an enriching combination of lectures, conversations with startups, ideation and pitching sessions, as well as visits to various organisations, our programme aims to provide you with a comprehensive educational experience, at the same time to forge social and academic bonds between local and international students, and our esteemed speakers and ecosystem builders.

Dates: 8th - 26th August 2022

Tuition Fee: SGD 4,950

For more information visit the Enterprise Summer Programme website.

Singapore Management University Global Summer Programme

Spend four weeks with SMU professors and international students, gathering new insights into Asia. Read up to two courses focusing on Asia and earn credits towards your studies. Experience 36 contact hours per course, spread over three interactive seminar style classes per week. Sign up if you are an undergraduate or a recent graduate

Dates: 27th June - 22nd July 2022

Tuition Fees:

SGD 2,140 for one course
SGD 3,745 for two courses

For more information visit the SMU Global Summer Programme website.

Seoul National University International Summer Programme (ISP)

SNU Office of International Affairs (SNU OIA) is delighted to announce that the SNU International Summer Program will once again be running in-person.

The 2022 SNU International Summer Program presents a unique opportunity for students to experience academic life at Seoul National University, Korea's most prestigious university and one of the leading universities in the world. The SNU International Summer Program's intensive five-week summer program taught by distinguished SNU and visiting faculty members offers its participants the chance to learn in depth from experts on Korea and East Asia, as well as a variety of topics ranging from economics and business management to history, politics, sociology, and arts. The SNU International Summer Program also provides courses on Korean language and traditional arts for students wishing to learn or advance their Korean language abilities while becoming immersed in Korea's contemporary and traditional culture.

Dates: 27th June - 30th July 2022

Tuition Fee: vary depending on programme of study. Please note that there isn an early bird discount for studnets who apply before the 4th April. This represents a 20% reduction. After the 4th April, UCL students will be offered a 10% partner institution tuition fee discount.

For more information visit the SNU International Summer Programme website.

Sogang University Summer School *Virtual Programme*

The Sogang International Summer Program (SISP) is a three-week program with a focus on 'Korean Insights' for students who wish to broaden their academic experience.

Dates: 28th June - 16th July 2021

Tuition Fees: vary depending on programme.

For more information visit the Sogang University Summer School website.

Sungkyunkwan University International Summer Semester (ISS) *Virtual Programme*

Sungkyunkwan University's International Summer Semester (ISS) is a unique academic program dedicated to sharing and experiencing the fascinating story of Seoul, Korea's 600-year-old capital. The program aims to develop students' global engagement by providing opportunities to share different perspectives on global issues, make friends with various cultural backgrounds, and explore Korea's history, culture, and society.

Dates: 24th June - 22nd July 2022

Tuition Fees: vary depending on number of courses taken.

For more information visit the Sungkyunkwan University International Summer Semester website.

For a real taste of what our friends at Sungkyunkwan are all about, check out their Sungkyun Style video on YouTube.

Yonsei International Summer School

The Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) opened its doors in 1985 and since then, YISS has become an integral part of campus life based on a unique blend of Korean and global cultures. YISS continues to grow and evolve, accommodating the needs of a rapidly changing student body and meeting the challenges of a fast-paced global society.

The 2021 program includes courses from the arts, culture, and humanities while also offering cutting-edge classes in management and economics, global issues, history, social sciences, and science and technology. YISS also presents online courses to bring more options and flexibility to its students and their time in Korea. Moreover, a shorter, 4-week option is also provided to accommodate students that can only be away for a limited period of time.


6-Week Session: 28th June - 4th August 2022

4-Week Session: 28th June  - 21st July 2022

Tuition Fees: vary depending on programme.

For more information visit the Yonsei University International Summer School website.

Ashoka University Summer Programmes *Virtual Programme*

Ashoka University welcomes undergraduate students from other colleges and universities in India to experience the university’s unique academic offerings through the Visiting Indian Students Programme.
The Visiting Indian Students Programme is specifically designed to foster exchange of ideas between undergraduate students from across educational institutions and those at Ashoka. In keeping with this ethos and despite the restrictions on physical mobility on account of COVID-19; this purpose will be fulfilled, this year, by conducting all course online.
Enrolling for the summer term at Ashoka provides you an opportunity to take courses and study with Ashoka’s global faculty. This will expand the academic range of topics you could be studying. It will help build on your academic prowess, experience the liberal arts & sciences pedagogy or simply explore other areas of interest. The summer term provides you the opportunity to study with Ashoka students and with students from international institutions giving you an experience in global learning in a virtual setting.

Dates: 5th July - 13th August 2021

Tuition Fee: Rs. 60,000 per course.

For more information visit the Ashoka University Summer Programmes website. 

BACS-Taiwan Huayu Enrichment Scholarships

BACS administers a competitive scholarship programme on behalf of the Taiwan Ministry of Education for nine-month, six-month, three-month and two-month language programmes at approved centres in Taiwan. A monthly stipend of NT$25,000 is provided to cover fees and to contribute to maintenance expenses.

For more information visit the BACS-Taiwan Huayu Enrichment Scholarships website.
National Taiwan University (NTU) Summer+ Programs

Located in the heart of Taipei, National Taiwan University (NTU) is Taiwan’s flagship university and one of the world's leading research institutions. It has been recognized as a global leader in research and education since 1928. This year, NTU ranks 19th in Asia and 66th worldwide (QS World University Ranking 2021).

NTU offers a range of topic-based programs across different fields of study, including Chinese Studies, Natural Science, Social Science and Research & Internship. Early bird and partner discounts are also available. This summer, some of the programmes will be offered remotely, while some are still due to run in-person.

Dates: vary depending on programme.

Tuition Fees: vary depending on programme.

For more information visit the Summer+ Programs website.

UTokyo Global Unit Courses *Virtual Programme*

The University of Tokyo's "Global Unit Courses" (GUC) provides a great opportunity for students around the world to gain what it is like to study at one of the world's leading universities in East Asia. GUC offers one-week intensive courses (5 to 10 sessions) with cutting-edge content, taught by faculty members of the University of Tokyo. All the courses for the year 2022 will be offered in online/on-demand format to enable students to experience UTokyo virtually and safely.

UTokyo Global Unit Courses:

  • Media in Japan and the World / Prof. Kaori Hayashi
  • Law in Transnational East Asia / Prof. Kentaro Matsubara
  • Writings About Japan: Analyzing Cultural Representations, From Orientalism to Artificial Intelligence. / Prof. Yujin Yaguchi
  • Group Theory and Its Applications: Introduction to Beautiful Modern Mathematics / Prof. Yukari Ito
  • Nanoscience / Prof. Satoshi Iwamoto
  • Sustainable Urban Management / Associate Prof. Kiyo Kurisu
  • Early Language Acquisition: How Human Infants Learn Language Within Their Social Environment. /Assistant Prof. Sho Tsuji
  • AI and Social Justice / Prof. Yuko Itatsu

Japanese Language Courses:
*Japanese Language Courses are open only to the students who register for at least one of the above courses.

  • Survival Japanese for Beginners
  • Tips on Reading Japanese Kanji for Kanji Background Students
  • Interview Project in Japanese “Let's get to know UTokyo students!”
  • Rediscovering the pleasure and challenges of studying the language and society of Japan

Dates: vary depending on programme.

Tuition Fees: JPY 50,000 per unit / JPY 25,000 per 0.5 unit.

For more information visit the UTokyo Global Unit Courses website.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Summer School

Spend a summer studying at PolyU in the heart of Hong Kong!

Students can pick one to to two credit bearing courses from either/or the Leadership Academy and the Main Session. Subjects on offer include:

  • Chinese Language and the Chinese Societies
  •  Introduction to Thinking Styles
  •  Tomorrow's Leaders
  •  Contemporary Chinese Society and Popular Culture
  •  Artificial Intelligence and Science Fiction
  •  Technology Beyond Borders: Service Learning across Cultural, Ethnic and Community Lines

Dates: 11th June - 17th August 2022

Tuition Fees: range from HK$ 13,000 to 26,000 depending on course selection. This includes on-campus accommodation through out the selected course period, tuition fee, all enrichment activities and buddy programme.

For more information visit the PolyU International Summer School website.