Asia and Australasia

A sample of summer schools in Asia and Australasia. Students apply directly the host institution, then can apply for short-term mobility funding to support their studies.


University of Sydney Short-Term Program

Study alongside local and international students over 3-6 weeks during Sydney's Short Term Program. Modules include Introduction to Gender Studies, Marketing Principles, Sport and Learning in Australian Culture and Introduction to Indigenous Culture.

Students choose one or two units of study in their chosen session, one of which could be an internship if attending Session A. Students who enrol into the internship programme in Session A must also enrol in another Session A unit of study and be aware that placements are competitive. Internships are not offered in Session B.

Dates: Session A: 30 May - 12 July 2023

Session B: 20th June - 21 July 2023

Tuition Fee: One unit of study: AUD3,150 AUD | Two units of study: AUD6,300

Application Deadline: 31 March 2023

For more information, see the University of Sydney Short Term Program Guide.

Zhejiang University SDG Global Summer School

Students are invited to explore and discuss issues around the world's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), though traditional and modern perspectives, under the mentorship of professors from Zhejiang and their partner universities. The 2023 programme will be held online. 

Dates: 31 July - 14 August

Tuition Fee: FREE

Application Deadline: 31 May 2023

For more infornation visit Zhejiang's SDG Summer School website.

Peking University Summer School

Peking University Summer School offers a variety of courses, including fieldtrips, extracurricular activities and social events. Courses have included China in the Global Economy, Introduction to Chinese Economy and Chinese Perspective on International and Global Affairs. Students can choose to done just one session or both. Students can choose courses worth no more than 6 credits.

Dates: Session A (Two-Week Session): 3 - 14 July 2023

Session B (Two-Week Session):  17 - 28 July 2023

Tuition Fees: Early bird payments before 15 April 2023 apply.

In-person courses within 6 PKU credits are RMB15000 (early bird) or RMB16000 (regular rate).

Online courses only:

 Early Bird Rate (RMB)Regular Rate (RMB)
Within 4 PKU Credits1100012000
5 PKU Credits1300014000
6 PKU Credits1500016000

Application Deadline: 31 May 2023

For more information visit the Peking University Summer School International website. 

Chinese University of Hong Kong International Summer School 

CUHK offers two summer sessions, the first over five weeks in July and the second over three weeks in August Session. All courses are taught in English apart from Chinese language courses, with a mix of local and international students to interact with.

Dates: July Session, 25 June - 2 August 2023 August Session 6 - 26 August 2023

Tuition Fees: HKD8,151 (3-credit), HKD6,302 (6-credit), Administration & Activities Fee HKD1,900

Application Deadline: 30 April 2023

For more information visit the CUHK International Summer School website.

Nanyang Technological University GEM Trailblazer Summer Term

Spend a summer in Singapore and explore the many cultures and languages in the surrounding countries. NTU's summer programme offers five different study tracks and spanning different disciplines and immersive activites.

Dates: 2 or 4 week programmes, 28 June - 29 July 2023

Tuition Fees: SGD1,710 for tuition, SGD150 Registration fee and SGD900/300 Administration fee for in-person/online respectively

Application Deadline: 15 April 2023

For more information visit the GEM Trailblazer Summer Term website.

National University of Singapore FASStrack Asia Programme

FASStrack Asia comprises of courses from the Faculty’s Asian Studies Division, Humanities Division and the Social Sciences Division. Students are invited to join a dynamic and multi-cultural learning environment with NUS and international students from partner institutions. Students can read a maximum of 2 modules (1 from each session).

Dates: Vary depending on module(s) taken, TBC June-July 2023

Tuition Fee: SGD3,457 per module, SGD108 application fee, SGD90-120 Student Pass, SGD39.15 Student Services Fee, SGD34.50 Health Services Fee 

Application Deadline: 1 April 2023

For more information visit the FASStrack Asia website.

National University of Singapore Enterprise Summer Programme

Learn about entrepreneurship in the bustling city of Singapore: a little red dot that has “started up” and “scaled up” to achieve global impact today. Through a combination of lectures, conversations with startups, ideation and pitching sessions, as well as visits to various organisations, the programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive educational experience, whilst forming social and academic bonds between local and international students, speakers and organisations

Dates: 10 - 21 July  2023

Tuition Fee: SGD5,000

Application Deadline: 20 March 2023

For more information visit the Enterprise Summer Programme website.

Singapore Management University Global Summer Programme

Spend four weeks with SMU professors and international students, gathering new insights into Asia. Read up to two courses focusing on Asia and earn credits towards your studies. Experience 36 contact hours per course, spread over three interactive seminar style classes per week. Sign up if you are an undergraduate or a recent graduate

Dates: 26 June - 21 July 2023

Tuition Fees: SGD2,889 for one course | SGD4,815 for two courses (inclusive of 10% tuition fee discount for UCL students)

Application Deadline: 1 April 2023

For more information visit the SMU Global Summer Programme website.

Seoul National University International Summer Program 

The SNU International Summer Program is an intensive five-week course taught by SNU and visiting faculty members, offering students the chance to learn from experts on Korea and East Asia, on a variety of topics including economics and business management, history, politics, sociology, and arts. The Summer Program also provides courses on Korean language and traditional arts for beginners to advanced.

Dates: 27 June - 30 July 2023

Tuition Fee: Vary depending on programme of study, USD1,080-3,400, however if applying before 4 April, students receive a 20% reduction. After this, UCL students receive a 10% partner tuition fee discount.

Application Deadline: 28 May 2023

For more information visit the SNU International Summer Programme website.

Sogang University Summer School

The Sogang International Summer Program (SISP) is a three-week program with a focus on 'Korean Insights' for students who wish to broaden their academic experience and deepen their cultural understandings.

Dates: 26 June - 21 July 2023

Tuition Fees: USD2,295 (approx.)

Application Deadline: 24 February 2023

For more information visit the Sogang University Summer School website.

Sungkyunkwan University International Summer Semester

Sungkyunkwan University's International Summer Semester (ISS) is a unique academic program dedicated to sharing and experiencing the fascinating story of Seoul, Korea's 600-year-old capital. The program aims to develop students' global engagement by providing opportunities to share different perspectives on global issues, make friends with various cultural backgrounds, and explore Korea's history, culture, and society.

Dates: 23 June - 21 July 2023

Tuition Fees: Vary depending on number of courses taken, USD1,110-2,145 (approx.)

Application Deadline: 2 June 2023

For more information visit the Sungkyunkwan University International Summer Semester website.

Yonsei International Summer School

The Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) includes 4-6 week courses from the arts, culture, and humanities while also offering cutting-edge classes in management and economics, global issues, history, social sciences, and science and technology. YISS also presents online courses to bring more options and flexibility to its students and their time in Korea. 

Dates: 4-Week Session: 24 June  - 21 July 2023

6-Week Session: 24 June - 5 August 2023

Tuition Fees: Vary depending on programme, USD1,185 - 2,665 (approx.) however if students complete their application and pay the application fee by 16 March and complete their enrolment and pay the tuition fees by 31 March, they will receive a 10% tuition fee discount.

Application Deadline: 11 May 2023

For more information visit the Yonsei University International Summer School website.

Ashoka University Summer Programmes

Ashoka University welcomes undergraduate students from other colleges and universities through the Visiting Students Programme. The programmes give students the chance to experience the liberal arts & sciences pedagogy with local and international students, providing a global learning environment.

Dates: 3 July - 11 August 2023

Tuition Fee: USD3,500

Application Deadline: 30 May 2023

For more information visit the Ashoka University Summer Programmes website and the Ashoka Visiting Students Programme website.

National Taiwan University (NTU) Summer+ Programs

NTU offers a range of topic-based programs across different fields of study, including Chinese Studies, Natural Science, Social Science and Research & Internship.

Dates: 26 June - 4 August 2023 (Intensive Research Program until 18 August)

Tuition Fees: Vary depending on programme, USD3,250 - 3,650 

Application Deadline: 30 April 2023

For more information visit the Summer+ Programs website.

University of Tokyo Global Unit Courses

The University of Tokyo's "Global Unit Courses" (GUC) provides a great opportunity for students around the world to gain what it is like to study in Japan. GUC offers intensive courses with cutting-edge content taught by UTokyo faculty members. 

Dates: Term 1: 19 - 30 June 2023
Term 2: 3 - 14 July 2023
Term 3: 24 - 28 July 2023

Tuition Fees: (In-person) JPY150,000 per Global Unit/JPN75,000 per 0.5 Global Unit (Online/On-demand) JPY50,000 per Global Unit/JPN25,000 per 0.5 Global Unit

Application Deadline: 1 February - 13 March 2023, 16:00 (JST)

For more information visit the UTokyo Global Unit Courses website.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Summer School

Students can pick one or two courses from either/or the Leadership Academy and the Main Session, with subjects ranging from Chinese Language & Societies, Tomorrow's Leaders, Artificial Intelligence & Science Fiction and Technology Beyond Borders: Service Learning across Cultural, Ethnic & Community Lines.

Dates: 18 July - 15 August 2023

Tuition Fees: Vary depending on programme, TBC. This includes on-campus accommodation through out the selected course period, tuition fee, all enrichment activities and buddy programme.

Application Deadline: 31 March 2023

For more information visit the PolyU International Summer School website.

Waseda University

Participants will choose 2 courses from areas such as literature and art, business, culture, economics, history, politics and sociology in the context of Japan and Asia pacific (4 credits). The classes are taught in English by experienced faculty members and can participate in extracurricular activities such as field trips, site visits and cultural events to experience Tokyo and Japan.

Dates: 19 June - 18 July 2023

Tuition Fees: JPY500,500 (includes on-campus accommodation, domestic insurance, airport pickup and administration fees) or JPY343,500 excluding on-campus accommodation (still including domestic insurance, airport pickup and administration fees)

Application Deadline: 24 March 2023

For more information visit the Wasesda University Summer School website.

Osaka University J-ShIP Programme

Summer J-ShIP is a combined course of JF100 and JF200. In this course, students are expected to gain practical communication skills for everyday situations by listening to a lot of Japanese and practising speaking.

Dates: 18 June - 11 August 2023

Tuition Fees: JPY170,000 (includes tuition, textbook, insurance for school activities, administration and enrolment fees, day trips and events (not the optional field trip), welcome and completion ceremonies)

Application Deadline: 28 February 2023

For more information visit the Osaka University Summer School website.

Tohoku University STEM Summer Program: Exploring the Frontier of Science & Technology

This programme is especially for undergraduate science and engineering (STEM) students, providing individuals with insight on what society needs based on advanced science and technology and how they can contribute to a global society through their research.

Dates: 19 June - 14 July 2023

Tuition Fees: JPY150,000 (JPY100,00 Education plus JPY50,000 Facilities fees)

Application Deadline: 28 February 2023

For more information visit the Tohoku University STEM Summer School website.

Tohoku University Summer Japanese Program

This programme is especially for students wanting to deepend their proficiency and understanding of Japanese language and culture. The programme includes lectures, cultural workshops and social activities with local Tohoku students.

Dates: 15 - 26 May (online beginner course) | 5 - 15 June (online basic course) | 12 July - 8 August (in-person course)

Tuition Fees: JPY40,000 (online courses) JPY150,000 (in-person course)

Application Deadline: 16 April (online courses) 27 April (in-person course) 2023

For more information visit the Tohoku University Summer Japanese Program website.

Hong Kong University Summer Institute (HKUSI)

The HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI) aims to bring learning outside of the classroom and provide initiatives for students to explore Asia and the world. Each programme is unique, with social and cultural activities to enrich students’ summer and educational experience. Some courses are available in-person, with others delivered virtually or hybrid.

Dates: Vary depending on the programme, 19 June - 11 August 2023

Tuition Fees: Vary depending on the programme. As exchange partner instituition, UCL students are eligible for a 10% Partnership Discount. Students just need to register with the correct home institution name (UCL) and special discounts will apply automatically during payment and acceptance of the offer through the application system.

Application Deadline: 31 March 2023

For more information visit the HKUSI website.

Beijing Institute of Technology

The Beijing Institute of Technology offers short term programmes over the Summer and Winter to engineering, Chinese language and culture. There are three courses offered in 2023:  'Future Decarbonizing Technology and Green Energy (on-campus/online), Hands-On Learning for Emerging Technologies in Electronics Engineering (on-campus) and Chinese Language and Multicultural Practice (on-campus/online).

Dates: 3 - 30 July 2023 (on-campus programmes) July 31–August 13, 2023 (online programmes)

Tuition Fees: Online programmes are free | On-campus programmes are USD50 per day, covering tuition, on-campus accommodation, teaching materials, insurance, transport and tickets for culture tours. Five UCL students may have the on-campus fee waived, provided they reach out to study-abroad@ucl.ac.uk by 30 March 2023.

Application Deadline: 15 April 2023

For more information visit the Beijing Institute of Technology website.