Convention de stage information

A Convention de Stage is a tripartite agreement signed by the student, the home university and the host organisation that that facilitates a short-term work placement, usually overseas.

Purpose of a Convention de Stage

Convention de Stages are typical for work placements in France, but certain organisations in other European countries may also ask students to complete a Convention de Stage or similar agreement before a placement can commence.

Study Abroad can provide a signed Convention de Stage for enrolled UCL students (including affiliates) who will be undertaking a work placement outside of term time, so as not to interfere with the programmes of study. If the dates are within term time, departmental approval is required.

Please note the following:

  • UCL cannot provide Convention de Stage ageements for interrupting students or graduates.
  • UCL cannot sign Convention de Stage agreements drawn up by a host company due to legal reasons. 
  • UCL only sends Convention de Stage agreements online. Physical forms are not sent to students and/or orgnisations.

Requesting a Convention de Stage

Requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the start of a placement, with clear start date and end dates stated. Failure to do so may jeopardise the chances of receiving the document in advance of the placement. Request a Convention de Stage, as outlined below:

  1. Request a Convention de Stage through the online form
  2. If a student makes a successful request, they will be added to ther Short-Term Mobilities Moodle course to fill out their Convention de Stage, sign it and have their host sign it too
  3. Successful students should then upload their Convention de Stage through Moodle, after which Study Abroad will complete the paperwork with their signature.

Whether or not UCL accepts to be signatory of a Convention de Stage is entirely at the discretion of the University. Relevant COVID-19, local and/or international guidance may result in UCL's refusal to sign a Convention de Stage. Support may also be withdrawn if government or institutional guidelines change in advance of a placement.

For further information on finding international internships, please see the UCL Careers Global Internships Programme.

Convention de Stage Request Form