A guide to your expenses while you study

Calculate how much money you will spend whilst studying at UCL and work out a budget that will help you manage your money.

In order to know how much funding you will need, you must work out how much it will cost you to come to UCL.

There are two elements to the cost of study: fees and living costs. Fees are set by the department. Living costs will be individual to the student, however, the table below can provide guidance on the kinds of costs to consider. We would advise all students to create a budget before coming to study.

The figures included in the table below come from a range of sources (see notes).

The estimated costs below are for students living and studying in London for the 2018/2019 academic year. Total living costs per undergraduate year (39 weeks) are £15,053. Total living costs per postgraduate year (52 weeks) are £20,070.

ExpenditurePer weekPer year UGPer year PG
Food £47£1,833£2,444
Household goods£9£351£468
Personal items£49£1,911£2,548
Leisure items£32£1,248£1,664

Books and equipment 
(includes laptop)



All items other than rent and travel were taken from the latest Student Income and Expenditure Survey.

The rent represented here is the average cost of a room in UCL halls.

The travel represented here is the cost of a zone 1-2 travel card with the student discount applied.

Personal items includes clothing, mobile phone bills, medical expenses, toiletries and other small personal items.

Leisure items are things you buy for your hobbies, sport, entertainment subscriptions, social and cultural activities.

Essential items such as food and drink cost much the same as they do in other parts of the UK and in many cases can be cheaper. Many of UCL's students stay in catered accommodation which also brings their living costs down.

If you’re an international student considering study in the UK, take a look at the international student calculator to help you work out how to manage your money and build a budget for living and studying in the UK. It’s important for you to ensure you have sufficient funds before leaving home.