Doctoral School Fellowship

A Doctoral School Fellowship supports research students who, due to unforeseen circumstances, have their funding interrupted or completely withdrawn.

To qualify candidates must be progressing well academically and demonstrate that without financial assistance they would not be able to complete their studies.


Applicants must be:

  • current UCL graduate research students who do not yet have completing research status
  • able to demonstrate that their circumstances have changed since registration such that, due to unforeseen difficulties, they are unable to complete their research without financial assistance

Selection criteria

An award is made primarily on the basis of financial need. You must provide references demonstrating that you are progressing well academically.

Decisions will be made by a selection panel chaired by the head of Student Funding at UCL.

Fellowship amount and duration

The value of the award is to be based on the annual standard rate for UCL Studentships. Awards will be pro-rated from this annual rate to cover the period that support is required. Applications for a full year's maintenance stipend will be considered.

The award will be applied to cover your maintenance stipend costs only. In instances where funding is also needed to cover your tuition fees, stipend funding will be dependent on academic departments agreeing to cover your tuition fee costs.

In certain circumstances consideration will be given to funding you over multiple years, for example where there is significant funding volatility due to political and economic crises. The Student Funding team will review these types of case annually in conjunction with you and your nominating department/unit.

How to apply

The head of department must apply on your behalf. The application must be made to the head of Student Funding and submitted by email.

The application must include:

  • particulars of research work which the student is pursuing
  • a full CV
  • letters of support from two academic referees
  • details of the student's change of circumstances and evidence to support this
  • details of the amount of support required and the period to be covered

All applications must clearly state why no other source of funding is available, and outline where else the student and/or department have applied for funding.