Timetables and venues

Information about when and where UCL examinations are being held and the publication of the exam timetable.

Changes to teaching and assessments term 2 and term 3

Due to the coronavirus face to face invigilated examinations  will no longer take place.  


The Late Summer Assessment (LSA) examination timetable will be sent to your UCL email account on Tuesday 28 July.  This will then be visible on Portico at the end of the day.

The information on your timetable will display the format of your assessment, all dates and times shown on your timetable are the deadlines for submitting assessment.  The examination paper for 24 hour, Timed Online Exams will be accessable 24 hours before the deadline date.  Your examination timetable will only include examinations that were set as 24 hour online exams in the main examination period.  For all other assessment your department will advise you of these deadlines.

Late Summer Assessment (LSA) Examination Delivery:

Examination Delivery Code

Method of Assessment

Submission Date and Time: (GMT)


The examination is being assessed by 24 hour, Timed Online Exam. 

The examination will be released 24 hours before the displayed date and time on your assessment timetable and must be completed and submitted by the date and time shown on your timetable. It is advisable that you access this as soon as possible and submit your assessment via Turnitin as soon as you complete.  Do not wait until the last minute for submission.

Only one submission will be permitted.  If your submission is late it will be classed as “absent”.

What is NOT included on your timetable

  • Assessments that have been excluded
  • Coursework
  • Capstones assessments replacing first year undergraduate examinations
  • Alternative assessments that have been agreed in place of assessment that was orignally an examination (unless the alternative assessment is a 24 hour online exam)

Your department will advise you on all aspects of alternative assessment.  Your Moodle pages will be updated to reflect the alternative assessment that has been set for each of your modules


Examination Adjustments and Deadlines

24 hour, Timed Online Exam

The duration of 24 hours has been set for online exams which takes into account those students who may need additional time and rest breaks as a reasonable adjustment, as well those living in different time zones.  You will not be expected to do 24 hours worth of work, but the same estimated amount of work that you would have done had your exams been a traditional exam. Students who are concerned about accessing 24 hour online exams should contact Student Support and Wellbeing.

Coursework (replacing a previous set exam)
If you have an existing SORA in place, a one-week extension will be granted.

Candidate Numbers
All coursework and 24 hour, Timed Online Exams submissions must display your candidate number. You are able to view your Candidate Number on this timetable and from Portico 'My Studies' page. The candidate number that you should use is the one that was issued for 2019/20 academic year.

Departmental Exams
Contact your department about any assessments they may have organised, details for which may not appear on this timetable. Departments will be updating your Moodle Pages to reflect changes to your assessment delivery.

Intercollegiate Exams
If you are taking intercollegiate modules please refer to the institutions guidance and plans for assessment.


For all assessments you will be given more time than should be needed to complete the work.

All coursework-based assessments will be released as soon as they are available, although the deadlines will be staggered. This will mean you will almost certainly have overlapping assessments, including possibly some 24 hour “exams”. As you will have much more time for each assessment than should be required to complete the work, these overlaps should not be a problem and can be dealt with through good management of your time.

Your department will advise you of your alternative assessments and deadlines
Your department will advise you of your alternative assessment (coursework including capstone) and deadlines for these. Until then, please continue to study your modules as you have been doing so that you build a strong base for your progress to the next stage.

Read further information about examination adjustment arrangements.