Special exam arrangements

UCL will make reasonable adjustments to learning, teaching and assessment to support students with a disability or other ongoing medical or mental health condition.

If you need support you should notify us as soon as possible so that we can put in place the adjustments that you may need. 

Apply for special arrangements

Application deadlines

If we are already aware of your need for an examination adjustment there is no need for you to re-apply unless there has been a change in your condition or needs.

If this is the first time that you are requesting examination adjustments applications must be received by Student Disability Services at least 5 weeks before the main examination period and three weeks before the Late Summer Assessment examination period. For all other examinations and assessment, applications must be received by Student Disability Services 6 weeks before.

If you are taking your exams in the main examination period you should get your application in by 21 March 2018. If you are taking examination in the late Summer Assessment period you need to apply by 30 July 2018.

Please note the following:

  • You will NOT be sent an additional letter from the examinations office identyifing your examination adjustments, your examination adjustments will be listed in the SORA (Statement of Reasonable Adjustment) which has been issued to you by Student Disability Services (SDS).  If you have any queries relating to the examination adjustment that you have been assessed for please contact SDS direct
  • You will sit any centrally organised examinations taking place in the main summer examination period in a special venue rather than the main examination hall. The special venue will be shown on your examination timetable when it is released in March.
  • Outside of these dates, any examinations you may have will be organised by your home or teaching department. Please ensure that you contact the appropriate Tutor/Administrator if you have a departmental examination or other test to make sure they know you have special arrangements.


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Late Applications

We will only consider applications received after the deadlines if you have suffered from a sudden illness or an accidental injury. 

Applications in this instance must be received by Student Disability Services no later than seven calendar days before your examination. If your late application is received after this deadline then you will need to apply for a deferral to the next normal occasion under the Extenuating Circumstances regulations.  In practice this may mean that one or more of your exams may need to be deferred with adjustments being put in place for those exams that are outside of the deadline.

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