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Find what you need to know about the timings and locations of your exams, conduct in exams and how to apply for examination adjustments.

Exam Success Workshops

The Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) team are delivering Exam Success Workshops over the coming weeks to help you perform at your best in exams and manage any related stress. These will take place remotely through Microsoft Teams, and multiple dates are available.

Find out more and sign up thorugh the UCLcares site (look for 'Online Exam Success Workshop').

Face-to-face teaching is suspended for the remainder of this academic year.  The university is adopting online alternatives for teaching and assessments wherever possible. Ensure that you keep up to date with the latest information regarding assessment at the UCL Coronavirus Assessment Page

Timetables and venues

Link to Timetables and venues

Information on when the timetable is released, where the exam venues are and any urgent updates.

Examination adjustments

Link to Special examinations arrangements

If you are disabled or have a health condition that might impact on your exams, you can apply for support. 

Late summer assessments

Link to Late summer assessments

If you fail or defer your assessment, you'll be able to resit in late summer. 

Exam success guide

Man raising his fists in the air in success

Exams can be challenging, but our tips and advice can help you perform to the best of your ability on the day.