Tips for success

Tips for success from other students looking back over their 2nd year at UCL.

Tips from UCL students:

Katie Davies, a BA History, Politics & Economics UG student, shares her top 3 tips for success in your second year:

  1. Utilise UCL resources

UCL’s resources have truly been game-changing for my studies. For any essay-based subject, I would recommend the Writing Lab - a free service running workshops, tutorials and support sessions to enhance your academic writing. For each essay, I tend to book in at least one session to go through a first draft with a tutor. Their advice is invaluable in helping you clarify your ideas, assisting with structures and ultimately, pushing you into higher grade boundaries.

  1. Block out time to work

With the level of work increasing, I found blocking out time to study was great in boosting my productivity. With COVID-19 causing the library service to require bookings, I used this to my advantage, planning when I would study and adding a level of accountability to my work. Further, trying out different libraries can make studying more exciting. For example, UCL students have access to Senate House which is an amazing space to work in.

  1. Pre-study activity

Going from watching Netflix straight into focused work can be challenging. So, I found that doing a short warm-up activity helped me get in the zone to study. For example, completing a Sudoku puzzle, watching a short Ted talk, or reading a news article. Although it may sound trivial, it really does help make starting studying less daunting, as well as building your commercial awareness.