Academic Writing & Communication

Advice on academic writing, common principles, information about where to get more support and help, and information about referencing and plagiarism.

Academic writing

UCL Academic Communication Centre

The UCL Academic Communication centre provides the support in the following areas for research students through the doctoral school:

  • Thesis-writing.       
  • Pronunciation and Public Speaking.
  • Preparing for your viva.     
  • Online resources.
  • Writing retreats.

English language support

UCL Library services

Computers in the science library

UCL library services offer some very useful courses and resources for research students. Postgraduate students often need to search for literature relevant to their work and write research papers for publication in journals as well as conferences. The offered resources can greatly help with these tasks. The available resources may be classified into below categories:

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Academic Integrity means being honest in your academic work, and making sure that you formally recognise and reference the existing knowledge and ideas on which your work is based. If you do not acknowledge the work or ideas of others, you could be penalised for Academic Misconduct.

Dissertation writing support

Each PGT programme will have its own handbook which details requirements of the dissertations; length, how to prepare, writing process. Make sure you follow the guidance provided by your department and in discussion with your supervisor. 

This self-paced Moodle course is a resource to help you develop the skills associated with researching and writing an extended piece of work.

If you are writing or preparing to write a project or dissertation, this course may help you develop the skills that you need to research and write an extended piece of work. The modules are stand alone so you can study them in any order and when you need them. Each module is followed by a self-assessment quiz.

Find out more and undertake this Moodle course.