Support for your assignments

Find the support and resources to help you successfully tackle your assignments at UCL.

Essays and Dissertations

Planning your assignments
Academic integrity, plagiarism & referencing
Finding and using information
Academic Writing
Thinking and writing critically
Editing and Proofreading

*be aware of UCL's Guidelines on Plagiarism by reading the information on the academic integrity pages.

Other kinds of assessment:

Scientific and Report Writing
Reflective writing & blogs

Oral presentations

Poster presentations

Group work

What to do with your feedback

Make sure you understand and use the feedback from your assignments. You may also want to discuss your feedback with someone, like your personal tutor.

Preparing for your exams

To ensure you are prepared and ready to succeed in your exams, read through UCL’s student guides below:

Assessment Criteria

Always follow the guidance given to you by your department. If there is anything you don't understand about your assessments, make sure you talk to someone in your department like the Module Leader or yoru Personal Tutor. Also review UCL’s Assessment Criteria Guide. Pay attention to the differences in criteria between assessment levels/years. 

Exam Adjustments 

UCL will make reasonable adjustments to assessment to support students who are disabled or have any other health condition that may impact on their exams.