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A UCL education is designed to stretch your intellect, expand your experience and develop your skills.  We want you to learn how to think - not what to think - through dynamic engagement with research-intensive learning. Our aim is to ensure that  you are able to learn effectively by connecting with a wide range of people (peers, teachers, researchers, and other UCL communities) and cutting edge knowledge and research, while making links to impact in the wider world. 

The start of a new academic year is an exciting part of your time at UCL and our campus will be open to all students in September 2022. 

For more information on what this will entail view the following information:

Library Services


UCL’s Libraries offer a range of online resources to students to support you in your studies. UCL’s Library Services provides information and assistance to all students, both in-person and online. Get started on learning what UCL library services offer. 

UCL Library Services also offers online e-resources to support students. Among these resources is Explore, UCL’s online search tool for journals, articles, archive material, and more. UCL Library Services also provides a Digital Collections Repository

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Digital Education at UCL

A person rests a laptop on their lap, with a page open to a networking site.
The Digital Education at UCL Moodle course is designed to support you to be a successful digital learner. 

 It’s designed with a range of content and learning activities that:

  • Ensure you have the tech you need
  • Demonstrate how to use our core learning technologies
  • Help you find and use academic resources
  • Guide you towards help and support, and
  • Enable you to become a confident and motivated Digital Learner.

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