UCL Student Mediator


What is Student Mediation?

There are plenty of situations in which a student at UCL may find mediation useful.

Various life and academic experiences can cause conflicts between students, staff and the university. Many issues and misunderstandings can often be quickly and confidentially resolved via mediation, without a need for the process to become ‘formal’. Although not for everybody or suitable and for all types of complaints, mediation can help to resolve many types of disputes.

Examples of the kinds of situations in which you may wish to contact me are:

  • You feel that UCL processes or systems have failed in your case or been unfairly applied.
  • There is a personality clash between you and a tutor or academic supervisor.
  • You have fallen into a dispute with friends or classmates.
  • You have fallen into a dispute with a UCL employee.
  • You find yourself in a difficult working environment.
  • You feel that you are unable to communicate your problems to anyone.
  • You believe yourself to be the victim of bullying and/or harassment.

Please note I am not able to intervene in matters of academic judgment, as opposed to errors or failures of process, or unfair application of them.

What I can do

You can also approach me for general advice in terms of how to pursue a complaint and to find out what options are available to you.

If you feel mediation is not appropriate for you and your situation, I can also give impartial advice on how to proceed with a formal complaint.

The formal processes for students can be found in the UCL Academic Manual.

Although I have a close working relationship with the UCL Students Union (UCLU), it is an autonomous organisation and has its own procedures for dealing with disputes. If your issue is in relation to UCLU in any way, you should contact them in the first instance.

Who I report to

I am independent from any management or other institutional influence and will seek to resolve disputes fairly and impartially. I report directly to the President & Provost.

As well as seeking to resolve individual issues, I identify any common themes (without referring to specific cases) arising from the complaints I receive and draw these to the attention of the appropriate bodies in UCL.