UCL Student Mediator


About Dr Ruth Siddall

I have been working in student support at UCL for over 15 years.

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My experience started in student residences when I became Deputy Warden at Ifor Evans Hall. Being a hall warden enables one to see all aspects, good and bad, of student life.

I very quickly became experienced in dealing with issues ranging from burst water pipes to major personal difficulties encountered by students.

In 2007, I became UCL’s Dean of Students (Welfare) and this role has given me a lot of experience in helping students work through problems that they encounter during their studies.

I feel committed to giving all students the optimum chance to graduate from UCL with a good degree whatever else life may throw at them.

Mediation is a route for students who find themselves in a position of disagreement with other members of the UCL community, to resolve these conflicts in a mutually acceptable manner involving the least amount of stress.

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