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Curating Science and Technology (HPSC0089)

How is the museum a different environment for historical and interpretative work compared with a university or a library?

It opens access to the Science Museum’s galleries, reserve collections and curators, revealing the ways that the history of science and technology are preserved, researched, and displayed in a national museum. The module commences with a consideration of collections ‘in the raw’, as kept at the Museum’s West London store, and with general museological questions about how to use objects in historical work. The remainder of the course discusses how different topics and kinds of objects feature in the museum’s work, from acquisition through to being placed on display.

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By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • To consider a range of material objects from across science, technology and medicine.
  • To explore how authors from various traditions have written about the material culture of science etc.
  • To provide insights into how science museums collect, document, research, and display across science, technology and medicine.
  • To provide the opportunity and the structure for students to discuss, present and write about these topics.
  • To seek connections with the STS and HPS literature.

Full pdf details:

UCL Module Catalogue: Curating Science and Technology (HPSC0089)