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Communication and Engagement Workshops

Run by academic staff in UCL STS in cooperation with UCL Public Engagement Unit and UCL Public Policy Unit, this series offers a coherent communication/engagement strand. 


Public Engagement: Why and What

(UCL Graduate School)

Examines the UK context for arguments for public engagement with research and assess from both a theoretical and a practical perspective what it might mean to effectively engage with the public, and how it might be achieved.

At the end of this workshop students will be able to:

  1. Understand the UK context for public engagement practices from both a policy and historical contexts
  2. Identify the different rationales and motivations for public engagement with research
  3. Reflect on how and why they might use public engagement as part of their academic practice

Public Engagement: Who, Where, When and How

(UCL Graduate School)

Considers which are the most appropriate methods of engagement and for which purposes. It will also allow students to consider which participants are most appropriate for any given activity and how to recruit them.

At the end of this workshop students will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the wide variety of methods of public engagement available to them
  2. Understand which methods are appropriate to which desired outcomes
  3. Identify the most relevant participants for a public engagement event and be able to selectively recruit them

Public Engagement in Practice

(UCL Graduate School)

An advanced series of workshops intended for students who wish to develop a specific public engagement idea into a concrete proposal/plan for an event. Throughout this series of workshops participants will plan and deliver a public engagement event/activity (including defining an audience, identifying partners, project management, evaluation etc).  The projects will be developed in liaison with the PEU and Volunteering Services, taking advantage of existing UCL PE events and activities (such as the Bloomsbury Festival, exhibitions in the new Octagon Gallery, Brighton and Cheltenham Science Festivals and British Science Association London branch events).  Where possible the events will also be timed to coincide with funding opportunities e.g. the PEU’s Step Out programme or National Science and Engineering Week grants.

The intention is to give participants the chance to develop the appropriate skills over a longer time period, with opportunity for reflection and development between workshop slots.  Each workshop will focus on a different element e.g. idea brainstorming, project planning, developing partnerships and funding, practical event management, evaluation etc.  However the workshops will also be flexible in order to be able to respond to participants’ needs, and will include plenty of opportunity for peer feedback and development.

Students must have attended the two standalone workshops before registering for this course.

Other Research Communication Workshops

The above thematic strand will also encompass the five existing courses in practical research communication workshops (link). 

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