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Prizes for MSc students

This page provides information on prizes award for outstanding student work at the MSc level. These are department-level prizes. Our Faculty offers other prizes, and we enthusiastically put students forward when suitable.

Recognizing outstanding work

STS offers several prizes in our MSc programme. (If you'd like to fund a prize, please contact the Head of Department.)

STS Kathleen Lonsdale Prize 

A prize of £100 for the best overall performance, combining the taught and research components. This is offered by the department. 


  • Edward Bankes and Hannah Wills


  • Vi Le

STS Best Dissertation Prize

A prize of £100 to the best MSc dissertation of the year in any subject. One prize will be awarded to the top scoring dissertation in each degree offered by the department, meaning we award one for HPS; one for STS.


  • Peter Lincoln: 'Identity, Patronage and Civic Pride: Science in Ipswich, 1841-1861'
  • Edward Bankes: 'Oh, well, with a name like "Miss Information" she must know something: Getting the Science Wrong in South Park'


  • Vi Le: ’Sowing Seeds in Wittgenstein’s Soil: The Creation of a Philosophical Genius by Bertrand Russell and the Vienna Circle”
  • Joshua Bowers: ‘Technological expectations and military acquisition'
  • Adrian Deen: “AIDS Is An Equal Opportunity Disease”: A Visual and Textual Analysis of Racial Codes and Stereotypes in US AIDS Campaign Posters (produced from 1980- 1989) 

STS Alumni Prize

A prize of £100 for outstanding contributions to the academic life of the department.


Prize list archive, pre-2014

(From the London Centre for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology MSc programme, in which STS was a partner.)

Prizes were awarded for MSc dissertations to honour the very best work of the year.

  1. Dissertation Prize: a prize of £250 to the best MSc dissertation of the year in any subject.
  2. Friends Prize: a prize was awarded for the best dissertation of the year with relevance to the history of medicine; it was awarded on behalf of the Friends of the Wellcome Library and Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL (WTCHOM) Prize Endowment. The last Friends Prize was awarded in 2011.


  • Hamdoud, Samir. 2013. Creating Racially Responsible Parents of the Future: Eugenics, Sex-Hygiene and Education in Early Twentieth Century Britain (Dissertation Prize)


  • Wainman, Ruth. 2012. ‘Engineering in Miniature’: Promoting Engineering and Invention in Toy Construction Sets 1901-1936. (Dissertation Prize)


  • Subramanian, Kapil. 2011. (Dissertation Prize)
  • Mueller, Lucas. 2011. Becoming Halothane (nominated for Friends Prize)


  • Rietmann, Felix. 2010. The foundation of clinical thermometry: an explorative study in integrated history and philosophy of science (Dissertation Prize – jointly awarded)
  • O’Sullivan, Kate. 2010. The Fossil Case: Thomas Hawkins and the metamorphosis of fossils (Dissertation Prize – jointly awarded)


  • Weatherburn, Michael. 2009. Arnold T. Wilson, the New Victorians and the Forgotten Technocrats of Inter-War Britain (Dissertation Prize)
  • Peres, Sara. 2009. Hybrids in a Hybrid World: Defining Human Admixed Embryos and the Human/Non-Human Boundary (Friends Prize)


  • Watts, Iain. 2008. A Chemical Exhibition: Humphry Davy’s Public Science and the Discovery of Potassium and Sodium (Dissertation Prize)
  • Steel, Emily. 2008. “‘He is no loss’: Robert McCormick and the voyage of the Beagle” (Friends Prize)


  • Gibson, Susannah. 2007. Robert Edmond Grant, Sea Sponges, and Parisian Philosophical Anatomy (2007 Friends Prize)


Some dissertations have led to publication in professional journals and elsewhere. For instance:

  • Steel, Emily. 2011. He is no loss: Robert McCormick and the voyage of HMS Beagle (London: British Society for the History of Science), 74 pages. (link)
  • Aicardi, Christine. 2009. The Analytic Spirit and the Paris Institution for the Deaf-Mutes, 1760–1830. History of Science 47:175–221.

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