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Factsheet: Presentation (work-in-progress)

This fact sheet describes expectations for the HPSC 3026 presentation and offers some advice.

HPSC3026 Moodle page (link).

essential information

The research paper contributes 15% to the module result. To complete 3026, a student, among other things, must attempt a presentation as scheduled by the module coordinator.


3026 presentations will be scheduled early in Term 2. The roster will be distributed via supervisors, posted on the 3026 Moodle page, and distributed via student UCL e-mail addresses. Students are responsible for obtaining this information and attending their assigned session.

A primer on presentation skills will be offered. Attendance is optional. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss presentations with their supervisor well in advance and to rehearse their presentations under examination conditions.

Failure to attend at scheduled time: Presentation schedules are fixed because they require tight co-ordination of examiners and students. Students must attend their assigned presentation session and remain for the full session. Sessions will not be re-scheduled without an approved extension from the undergraduate tutor. Failure to attend the scheduled session may result in a mark of zero for the presentation.


Each student will be asked to give a presentation related to their 3026 research project. Each presentation will have 15 minutes available for the speaker and will be followed by 5 minutes of questions from staff and other members of the audience. Time limits are strictly enforced. Students are expected to be well rehearsed and keep to time. Each student is expected to arrive at the start of their assigned hour-long session and remain throughout the entire hour of their session.

This presentation offers an opportunity to describe work-in-progress. The content and strategy should be developed by the student in consultation with the supervisor. Suggested strategies also will be discussed at the presentation primer. Students are reminded that this experience is intended to clarify the whole project, making easier the process of completion. It also allows other students to learn about your work.

marking process

Presentations will be marked by the student’s supervisor and other examiners. Presentations may be recorded as an examination record. Normally written feedback from STS examiners is provided soon after the presentation. Precise marks may be withheld until all presentations are complete.

Students should discuss criteria for assessment with their supervisor well in advance of their scheduled session. They also should discuss their presentation performance at the first supervision afterwards.

general criteria for assessment

The coordinator will ask examiners to use a standard rubric as the start for their assessment of 3026 presentations. This will be circulated during the session and will be discussed at the presentation primer. Students should discuss specific assessment criteria with their supervisor.

presentation technologies

Students can expect to have available the following presentation technologies:

  • whiteboard with markers
  • data projector and computer running PowerPoint

Students also may use handouts. Be sure to provide sufficient copies. Carefully consider what methods to use, and bear in mind that over-use of visual aids can overwhelm your audience.

inviting guests

Students may invite others to attend their presentation provided they agree to be respectful of the examination conditions. All those in attendance will be expected to arrive before the start of their scheduled hour-long session and not to leave until the end of that session. We do not want visitors attending a single talk only, then leaving.

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