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Factsheet: Literature Survey

At the start of Term 2, 3026 students are expected to have settled on their research project and present a literature survey for their subject of investigation. This factsheet describes what needs to be done.

HPSC3026 Moodle page (link).

essential information

The literature review will be at the start of Term 2 on the specific date posted on the 3026 Moodle site. The length is 1,200 words.

This coursework contributes 10% to the module result.

review the literature

The aim of this coursework is to demonstrate your progress in the project. It should review essential literature related to the research project underway. This review should describe the research question and initial hypotheses. It should identify a solid core of relevant scholarly work on the subject and develop a substantial analysis of a significant subset of this material. The review should not be exhaustive, but it should demonstrate a substantial effort to define and advance the research project. The focus may be methodological, if appropriate. It must include a bibliography (not included in the word count). A disarticulated collection of notes will not receive a passing mark.

The expectation is that you'll dig in and demonstrate a serious commitment to the project.

criteria for assessment

This will be assessed by your supervisor and other members of staff. 

The principal criteria for assessment will relate to the degree of development in your project, the depth of your analysis, and the overall progression of the work. This writing is not expected to be highly polished or kept in your final dissertation. However, it is expected to demonstrate substantial effort and an awareness of the research as a programme.


Because the dissertation is a year-long project, and students are expected to work on it continuously, extensions for submitting this literature review normally will be granted only under exceptional circumstances. A minor, acute issue will be insufficient. Time management is part of the expectation for the project.

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