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Careers Advice

What are you planning to do after your degree in STS? What are your options? There are plenty of exciting opportunities out there where the skills you have developed in STS will be greatly appreciated. It's never too early to start thinking about your career plans.  You can discuss your future with:

  • your personal tutor
  • other tutors
  • other students
  • your family
  • our designated representative at UCL Careers Service, Raj Sidhu
  • STS Careers Officer Dr Jon Agar Office 2.2 22 Gordon Square

You can also find more information at the UCL Careers webpage


Robert & Karen in the Studio

STS's Dr Karen Bultitude met with Robert Donovan from UCL Careers Service to record a series of podcasts discussing how students can plan for life after STS. 

In these interviews, Karen and Robert discuss the UCL Careers Service and its resources. 

Introduction to UCL Careers Service

This interview focuses on general information about the types of activities at Careers Service.

Advice to Final Year Students

This interview focuses on advice to students in their final year, especially in December, when a lot of careers thinking is done.

Advice to 1st and 2nd year students

This interview focuses on advice to students currently in the earlier years of their programme. It's never too early to think careers.


STS offers a wide variety of interviews with former students about the career paths they've chosen. We aim to provide a wide variety of examples. Find out more on our general careers pages.